Sell websites on without revenue.

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I have two or three sites I piddle with but am really not interested now. They get almost a hundred visits per day (80+) to 120 or more visits and usually better than a page and a half views per visitor.

I never bothered to put WMT on it as last time I did I couldn't get it all figured. My stats come from Statcounter. I have almost two months worth of traffic. I started it Jan 4th.

What do you think my chances of selling this for more than $97 on is? It is no worth the time to list it for prices like that. The one I am talking about is focused on arthritis.
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    Depends on your traffic source.

    If it's Google search, it's possible you'll get some interest for over $100, but if it's anything paid or stuff like Stumbleupon or Reddit, then likely not.
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    Some comes from Google, but much of it is from social sites. Not sure which ones though.

    Tim Pears

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    You should try their starter services. Just fill out the form and they will get touch with you.

    Blogging Tips & tricks@

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    They do have a category/area for sites that are newer and don't receive much revenue.. I'd expect to get allot less for them, but if the traffic is high and organic that will certainly help!
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    Why not try to optimize it a bit, for Google, before trying to sell?
    You could sell it for that much, but you could also not get any offers at all.
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    People are actually more interested in the monetary aspect otherwise they may have to start from scratch.

    Though you may have traffic but it may not be converting due to one minor problem or the other and an experience buyer can buy it and tweak it.

    The best thing to do is to go over to Flippa and see the list of selling sites within your range and see how much they are worth in there.

    The 4 Things that make people what to buy a site is:

    Quality Traffic

    If your offer can attract prospective buyer with any of the above then you may nail it.
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    I've sold a lot of sites on Flippa. Here's my best advice.

    The minute you start to think about selling. Sell.

    Pouring in time and money to raise the value on a site you have likely given up on will not give you a decent ROI.

    If the sites have potential and a little traffic someone else will see the opportunity and buy.

    I say put them up with $1 reserves and see where the auctions land

    Good luck!
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    The problem with estimating how much a site will sell on flippa is that the flippa economy fluctuates so frequently.

    One thing can be one price one day and then someone can sell a similar site and it may sell for half a price.

    If you are getting 100 unique visitors daily from an arthritis site I definitely suggest you monetize with adsense before you try selling it. Anything in the health market usually has fairly high CPC
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    Shoot us a message with the reserve, i'll take a look at it with an eye to taking it off your hands if all else fails... 3 K visitors a month?
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    Flippa is so choppy - its always hit or miss unless you have revenue
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  • Adsense could be your best bet for trying to showcase to your potential buyers that it is making money. You could make sure that the content is also top of the line to increase its value.

    I would also recommend putting up a multitude of articles on the niche of the site because the people who buy it just want to optimize it without having to critique much of it. This is what buyers are looking for.they like it when sites are making money, but they know some of them are very expensive, so they opt for smaller and newer sites with little to no revenue that cost cheaper, but they want to make sure they don't have to do much except get extra traffic to it. If the site is nicely designed, you should be able to sell it well, provided that it's in the right niche.
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    I'd hold on to it, just see how it goes for 12 months. If it makes more than the cost of running the site then just sit on it as you are still making money albeit slowly.
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