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Recently i was promoted by a lot of guru (including Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Ewen Chia, Patrik Chan) about the profit academy by Anik Singal. Do anyone knw who is the guy? Why so many guru willing to promote for him?
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    You can learn more about him here http://aniksingal.com/anik/
    I have followed him for about four years. Solid teaching even from the free books that he as given out.
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    Originally Posted by ongpeitong View Post

    Recently i was promoted by a lot of guru (including Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Ewen Chia, Patrik Chan) about the profit academy by Anik Singal. Do anyone knw who is the guy? Why so many guru willing to promote for him?
    Btw, you just did it too. And yours is the most effective one.
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  • I've bought some of Aniks courses. He's good but I personally wouldn't recommend any of his products. I would rather buy some good WSO'S or go through marketers that give away allot of free stuff before I buy something from them. I havent followed him for 3 years so I dont know what he has now. It may be allot better than what he released before.

    Brian Tracy is a professional/self development coach. I love his stuff but he's very conservatively old school with allot of what he teaches. I've taken just about all of his courses.

    Robert Kiyosaki is a famous investor. He wrote rich dad poor dad. A good book to read.

    Ewen Chia I have no idea who this dude is but he looks like an internet marketer.

    Patrik Chan I have no clue......

    If they are claiming to be gurus, I wouldn't buy from them. Allot of Brian Tracy's stuff you can get for free on youtube. This is my favorite video from him. I watch this all of the time. I like allot of his really old stuff.

    I'm also a Brian Burchard Fan

    And allot of people promote these products because newbies fall for them. These marketers have a very epic sales process, they keep you running in circles and buying their products only to find yourself not making any progress. In my opinion, they sell idea's and dreams, not action plans.

    I would have invented Google and Microsoft if I was born earlier.

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      Never heard of this guy until today.

      'I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion'
      -Muhammad Ali

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    Originally Posted by ongpeitong View Post

    Recently i was promoted by a lot of guru (including Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Ewen Chia, Patrik Chan) about the profit academy by Anik Singal. Do anyone knw who is the guy? Why so many guru willing to promote for him?
    Anik Singal is a marketer who sells products and coaching, mostly for newbies. I attended one of his seminars recently and own a couple of his products. He seems like a solid guy, however, one thing I noticed is that his sale funnels ultimately try to get you into his high ticket coaching classes; he also markets an assortment of webinars.

    Anik is extremely good at networking and he has networked with other marketers and has expanded his sphere of influence not just in the online marketing realm but in others as well. He's a smart guy, a prolific entrepreneur, and seems like an overall good guy.

    What I do like about him, though, is that he introduces these classes in a very low-key, non-pressure way. When I went to talk to his representatives, they were very professional, polite, and did not try and pressure me in any way.

    However, at this seminar I got to meet some of the students that were already enrolled in some of these high ticket classes. I met these two women who were paying well over 10,000 dollars to learn how set up, build, and maintain an email list. I looked at their course outline and saw many of the basics that were being taught could be learned elsewhere at the fraction of the cost.

    Even so, when people ask me would I recommend Anik's products to them? I would say no. I found the price points to be very high for what one was getting and the overall support behind them very lacking.

    Though in all fairness to Anik, I saw a couple people go in and ask for refunds at one point, and they were issued right on the spot (though the credit still takes a few days to show up but that's not in his control).

    Seems like one of the good guys, but at the same time one can learn these things from other marketers at much more reasonable price.

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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    He is one of the biggest email marketers online.
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    Solo ad marketing genius. Easy-to-follow and high-priced.


    - Sana.

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      Originally Posted by SMworkcafe View Post

      Solo ad marketing genius.
      You're easily impressed. Genius??? lol

      Cheers. - Frank
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    Anik Singal is one of the few stands up guys in Internet Marketing (and among the many other niches that he is involved in.)

    I own all his courses (Inbox Blueprint) and several others that he recommended and have got tremendous value from the things that he teaches.
    The Warrior Forum
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      Originally Posted by fcf360 View Post

      (Inbox Blueprint)
      It's still sitting within my Dropbox.


      - Sana.

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    haven't heard that name in over 5 years.


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    Why so many guru willing to promote for him?

    The big gurus promote each other's products. They are effectively a cartel of gurus.

    Every now and again, each of them puts out a big, expensive product. All of the gurus promote it to their huge mailing lists. Then the next guru on the list releases his product, and everyone promotes it. It just goes in a circle.

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    Anik is an online marketer aka so-called "guru" who has been around the IM/MOM community for years. He releases respectable content that may be valuable to newbies and intermediate marketers. If you're struggling to make any decent money online then he is a good person to learn from.
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    Anik is great. Solid guy that knows his stuff and really cares about his students. His products these past few years have been solid too! Not cheap but real high quality stuff.

    Too lazy to write something clever here, so check out my marketing blog and learn from a REAL Super Affiliate at JeffLenney.com

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    Anik Singal is an Internet Marketing Guru. Got to meet him personally this past April at a live event he was hosting. Down to earth and really wants to help people change their lives through Internet Marketing. He is not bashful about telling you about how much money he makes from implementing what he teaches. He wants people to know that they can do the same and he uses it to motivate one to action.

    There have been a number of his students or people that he has promoted who are now the rising stars of IM. One that comes to mind is a gentleman from India, Ritoban Chakbarati who claims he made millions following Anik Singal. Or this young gentleman, Fred Lam, who is a Traffic Guru that helped Anik upstep his game in his own business. Or Jimmy Kim, also Anik's student, who co-founded with Anik their own Autoresponder, Sendlane. Anik has some of his most successful students as coaches in his programs, too.

    Why do I know about Anik? 5 years ago, I made my first internet sales through a product he was promoting then. Then I did not hear about him for a while. Found out the reason why. From his own testimonial, he had to file bankruptcy because he was affected by the famous Google Slap and bad business decisions he made. He even tells about how it affected his health.

    That did not stop him. He was strong enough to go find out what went wrong and rebuild. That takes guts. From all indications, he is out to rebuild his IM empire.

    All of his latest courses reveal what he learned. Whatever he is learning as he rebuilds, he reveals that to his course owners by updating their membership areas with the latest info. I should know. I own all of his courses.

    In my opinion, he is the most enthusiastic individual I know that studies his craft and implements. And he knows he can't do this alone so he is willing to find people to collaborate with and build. His successful students are his key go to people.

    I too aspire to be one of those successful students.

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    I took his PPC Classroom course with Amit Mehta a 5 or so years ago and he's legit. I'm not sure if his e-books or products are worth shit though..
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    I've not heard about Anik Singal...
    .... but I know Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, and others... I agree, Brian Tracy was an old school guru. He preached a workaholic mentality that takes you ages to become a millionaire - good for the industrial age but NOT with the information age where people as young as 14 y.o. becomes a millionaire. I've read a lot of Brian Tracy's book as well as Robert Kiyosaki's but the BEST EVER and truly honest and highly entertaining motivational book I'd ever read was the FASTLANE MILLIONAIRE by MJ DeMarco. This book will put all other books back to the shelves! This was the only book that I've read over a hundred times. "Fastlane Millionaire" in my opinion is the best motivational factor for today's entrepreneurs. Try it yourself, You can listen to the Introduction chapter HERE, check this out. (Please note: I'm not an affiliate, no affiliate link involved, this is just my honest review as it changed my life a entrepreneur and I hope it'll also change yours) :-)
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    Well he's on my dummy list and in the last month I've received emails on book writing, Amazon FBA, wealthy so ething or other and another thing involving some other members of the syndicate.

    As far as I can tell he sell stuff at a high price that others like Ryan deiss give away for free.

    I always get suspicious of people who are always peddling magic bullets and who don't do what they teach.

    I've listened to one of his webinars and its all I'll tell you this later without ever doing it.

    He seems to do well (when he's not going bust).
    I've got 99 problems but a niche ain't one
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      Originally Posted by quadagon View Post

      I always get suspicious of people who are always peddling magic bullets and who don't do what they teach.
      I've never bought any of Anik's stuff I don't think however I can say for a fact that circa 2002 or so, he was not selling how to make money stuff. He was selling, if I recall correctly, an improve your grades thing for college students and maybe some other stuff I forget about. He was active on Anthony Blake's board asking questions and implementing what he was learning in non-MMO areas.

      In that sense, he's different than many others (including some of "gurus") whose first product is how to make a bunch of money online even though they've never even tried it themselves.

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    He was the first list I ever got on when I first started learning about IM. I unsubscribed a long time ago though, because he spams the piss out of his lists with affiliate offers. I understand that the whole point of email marketing is to make money, but his ratio of free info to sales emails is like 1:10.

    He does do some good websinars, however – usually on the more basic side for people just learning different methods. Just be prepared for a sales pitch at the end of them.
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    Just hearing about this marketer too . You did a good promotion too

    After researching , it looks like a young and successful marketer to me
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