Can you give me some Feedback on the Voice in my Screencasts.

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Hello to Pro Bloggers and Web publishers,

Even though I have been blogging from last 8 years, I am fairly a newbie at YouTube.
I am planning to start a series of how-to screencasts for newbie bloggers, and have actually published one of the videos just to see how it goes.

Even though my English is quite decent, my Ts and Ds are very strong as I am from India.
Though I can put some American accent (imagine an Indian speaking with an accent) but it looks really Fake.

Can you take a look at this video: (I hope I am not banned for this)

I just want to know if this is okay and you are having no problem understanding my words or Do I need to get someone with a better accent to do the voice overs?
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    Your voice is ok, I understand what you're saying.
    Ok, I hear your accent from India, but that is normal.
    It is just common that people from India talk like if they
    have a hot potato in their throat. Absolute no problem!
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  • Your voice is fine as you talk slowly and clearly. If you want to be absolutely sure maybe add some text captions at key points in your videos.
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    Your voice is fine, one of the things that is very useful is a script, practice pronunciation, speak slowly but not too slow, get a good cadence and remember that many people that watch video have a short attention span, (meaning stay on script and keep to the details)

    keep working it and you will succeed.
    "Everything goes where attention flows..."
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    Voice is fine, try to talk slower and pronounce your words better, otherwize A-OK...
    PS.... The music is somewhat irritating/distracting...

    No need to pay for a voice over, most of us don't like the way we sound. As long as people can understand what you are saying and you don't drone on forever i don't see a problem...
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    Yes, you've certainly got an Indian accent (hardly surprising really) but it is not a problem. I am English born and bred and I had no problem at all understanding you. Go for it!!
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    Your voice is just fine, don't worry about it
    If you're concerned that some might not understand 100% of what you're saying, add some text captions, not too detailed, just use few words to describe the main idea. But, again, there's no real need for that, your English is actually ok
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      Your voice is fine mate, no need to change. I would echo what other people have said though, namely

      • Write a script. Practise it, so that you are speaking clearly and confidently. It might be of use to record the video first, then add a script to it afterwards? I say that only because at times your voice fades a little as you focus on what you are doing on the screen.
      • I wouldn't worry about text captions personally, as I think they would be distracting. With a crafted script, you can explain confidently what you are doing. However, if you had a cheat sheet of bullet points, throw it in as a slide at the end that people can pause on (install program, go to video, copy link etc.)
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    Sure, you have an Indian accent, but so what, you sound fine. It's a global community now, and I suspect most english speakers would understand you perfectly clear. Nice job.
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    I have no problems understanding you, this being said I've spent some time training customer service depts in Chennai. You will certainly not get any of the racist, prejudiced folks as your followers but who need them anyway.

    Who reads signatures anyway?

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      I have a problem with an accent in videos ONLY if I have to strain to understand the person.

      You are easy to understand, pleasant vocal quality and you speak at a good pace so no boredom there. I think it's fine.
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    I would like to personally thank each one of you who took the time to watch the video and give me the feedback I would never have gotten otherwise.

    Now I am feeling positive about doing more videos.

    Thank you once again. :-)
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