What is the best affiliate website

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to sign up for that noobie friendly and works well.
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    Clickbank would be a choice of many newbies because of the ease to get started, good percentage rate and a wide range of products. I personally prefer warriorplus and jvzoo because they have a ton of good products to promote and they pay instantly to your paypal although you have to put in a request to promote the products.
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    Originally Posted by Knightsofusa View Post

    to sign up for that noobie friendly and works well.
    Without a doubt, I think Clickbank is the easiest to start out with, but recently (for like the past month), I've gotten into promoting some things on JVZoo. It's not as popular as Clickbank, but it's getting there. From what I can tell, JVZoo is popular for internet marketing products but has other categories as well. So far, my conversion rates have been a lot higher on JVZoo than compared to Clickbank. Bare in mind that I don't promote a lot of products on there, yet. One of the coolest things about it to me is that -- unlike with Clickbank -- you can actually see refund rates and overall conversion rates and earnings per click.

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    Another vote for Clickbank... Majority of us made our first dime on Clickbank only...
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    Even my favorite is Amazon..
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    Do they teach you on the site on how to make money?
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    Originally Posted by Knightsofusa View Post

    to sign up for that noobie friendly and works well.
    I love 2 great affiliate program. The first one is amazon affiliate program and the second one is A small orange hosting affiliate program. Both record each and every sale. Till date, these are the only two affiliate programs that I promote. I have earned quite a good amount of money by promoting them.
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    Clickbank And cj should have almost everything for beginners. Try looking there first.

    FACEBOOK MARKETING: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Marketing

    TWITTER MARKETING: Twitter Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners
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    personally i have seen pretty good reviews from clickbank and jvzoo.best part about jvzoo is that when you get established as an affiliate you get bumped up to become a premium affiliate so that you can get instant commissions directly to your paypal.i became a premium affiliate there and theres nothing like making sales and getting paid instantly for them
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    You can take a glance on the Amazon & Clickbank.
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    warriorplus and amazon are really very good. but I believe that click bank personally is the best
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    clickbank is great but you must learn how to bring traffic to it. that is the trick. if you can learn how to do cpa marketing, it is easier than clickbank. you make money by getting leads. so you will be looking for pay per leads programs...google it or use youtube to get more info
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    They are ALL newbie friendly. As long as you obey their individual TOS's they are all about the same in how you earn commissions. It is not rocket science. You direct someone to an offer through your affiliate link and if they buy you get a commission. That's it.

    The challenge is getting targeted traffic that converts. That is never easy for a newbie. It takes time to learn how to do it efficiently. Whether you concentrate on so-called "free" traffic or paid traffic you will pay one way or the other.
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      Going outside of the digital product world..
      Zazzle .com has all kinds of different products to promote.

      They're extremely newbie friendly, and offer a 15% commission rate. Which is pretty good for physical products

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    Clickbank gets my vote. Plus they send affiliates a W-9 if you reach a certain threshold with your earnings. Instant taxes done for you. Just take to local AARP. No matter what site you sign up to... you're going to have to do some marketing for it. So just make sure you know what you're doing first before you launch your first affiliate campaign. It's better to be a master marketer than a good business owner.

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    Clickbank and JVzoo. But Clickbank is my favorite since they pay higher commissions, and you don't have to go through the affiliate approval and delayed payments like you would in JVzoo.
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    You may try Amazon. I also use them
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    The biggest? Probably amazon.com or ebay.com

    Too lazy to write something clever here, so check out my marketing blog and learn from a REAL Super Affiliate at JeffLenney.com

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    Clickbank for me. I have issues with Paypal earlier when they limit my account. So it means that all Paypal related payments were delayed!
    But still about to receive the direct deposit from Clickbank
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    I suggest you not to sell Real products, so I suggest you

    - Clickbank
    - JvZoo

    instead of Amazon

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    You're really asking the wrong question...

    Originally Posted by Knightsofusa View Post

    to sign up for that noobie friendly and works well.
    While some merchants will list their products on multiple affiliate networks, they are in the minority.

    As a result, if you pick a single network to research and sell products from, you will be limiting your choices as to what products (and therefore what vendors) you will be able to promote.

    As Janice said, they are all pretty much the same. Instead of focusing on which network to sign up for, you should be researching products - regardless of the affiliate network - and when you find one that you want to promote, sign up to that affiliate network.

    Sid Hale
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    Originally Posted by Knightsofusa View Post

    to sign up for that noobie friendly and works well.
    From my experience, i recommend JVzoo & ClickBank- they have great affiliate and vendor support.

    Feel free to check out these sites too:
    • linkshare.com
    • amazon.com
    • ebaypartnernetwork.com
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    I found most of the people suggest you to use the clickbank. You can use this one. There are more site, where you can take as a first at glance.

    Best of luck.

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    I don't think you can go wrong with either Click Bank or JvZoo sites.

    Both groups have huge member bases to promote to and also a massive variety of affiliate programs to get involved with. You will find pretty much any type of affiliate program you could possibly dream of here.
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    Try clickbank or CB Engine for staters. This will get you to familiarize yourself with the affiliate marketing process. You can take it a step further and promote other marketers products as they launch them. These are usually very lucrative launches and you could make a lot of money on each launch.
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    Originally Posted by Knightsofusa View Post

    to sign up for that noobie friendly and works well.
    I like the AliExpress.com Affiliate Program for noobies. It's not as saturated as Amazon and eBay (yet) and will teach you fundamentals that'll allow you to grow your business.
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