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I am curious. I see on a lot of products. This benefit has a value of $427 or something like that. Where do most people get these numbers from?

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    Most times it is either base on a perceived value... which sometimes can be hard to put a definite number on. So it tries to take into consideration how much time, effort and money it would take for you to try to gather the information on your own using other outside sources.

    And other times it is usually based on what it has been previously sold for on it's own.
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  • Some product sellers take their idea of perceived value to a whole other level. It's misleading and something I don't use in my salesletters unless it really is being sold that much.

    Perceived value is what it is. There is never anything wrong with it, but sometimes when products creators will say an eBook being priced at $10 is worth $1,997, it just doesn't cut it for me. That's way too much.
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      Well, if you're a product creator, then you should be taking a look at a few kinds of value before you stack it up:

      Benefit value: How much is the benefit of the product worth? How much money can you save with the product? How much money can you make in, let's say 10 days with the product?

      DFY value: Some products can be done by the customers themselves, but it's gonna cost a lot of money. The value is then about how much the DIY cost is...

      Previous purchase value: This can be seen on some discounted product. It looks more or less like: currently selling for $47 now yours free. Then the value is $47.

      Some people reported on this forum that they've seen a bonus stack up of over $20,000 then they say yours only for $27.


      ~ Budi T
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