Best wordpress security plugin/method

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Hi. Help pls. Lets talk about the Best wordpress security plugins/methods
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    FWIW, I use both WordFence and Bulletproof security (the free versions) on several of my blogs and they work great for me. But you have to be a bit of a techie especially with Bulletproof, because if you're not careful with it, you can lock yourself out of your website (don't worry, there's a simple workaround if you do).
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      Have used both - I usually go with Wordfence, but you either have to turn off notifications regarding out of date themes/plugins or WP version, or live through the onslaught of email alerts on them.

      Not a big deal if you have one site, kind of a pain with multiples.
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    Some easy keys:

    -Keep your WordPress install updated
    -Keep your plugins updated
    -Uninstall any plugins you're not using
    -Use Captcha on your login page and comments
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    Originally Posted by paradise666 View Post

    Hi. Help pls. Lets talk about the Best wordpress security plugins/methods
    Lets use our brain and try to search for the answer first?
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    wordfence works good, apart from that keep your wordpress plugins and softwares upto date.
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  • The best thing to do is just to backup your wordpress site..

    Use a FTP software & copy all files onto your computer, named as ''Backup [Date]''

    Then you can import the previous data back in..

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    iThemes Security does quite a lot of hardening, and also sort of teaches you what should be done on a site. Wordfence is a fairly good security scanner.

    A backup tool is an essential for security and continuity, too. I use BackupBuddy.
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    I personally use "Wordfence" for security of my blog and assume it as one of the best security plugin for WordPress Blogs.

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