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As you can see, I'm new here, and I'm also new to marketing. I also apologize in advance if I put this in the wrong section. Long story short, I need some advice for getting started with only a domain name, a web host, and 20 dollars to my name.

Now for some background. I am a college student living in the United States, finishing up my freshmen year. So far, I am in around $8,000 worth of student debt, and I am looking at much more than that if things continue like this. I've been thinking hard about what I actually want to do with my life, and came to the conclusion that I am sick of school and really want to find an alternative to it. I decided I wanted to find an alternative that would allow me to live in Japan, a place that I have long been in love with. With that in mind I decided with the little money I had, to buy web-hosting and a domain name. All that is left in my bank account is a little over $20.

Now that I have a site, I am at a bit of a standstill as to what to use the site for. The domain name I bought is my own name. At first, I thought I would learn front end development, and build websites for people. I started making my own website, but found I wasn't much of a fan of writing the code for my site. Then I thought, if I did WordPress consulting and developed websites that way, I would limit the amount of code I would have to write. Not so long after that, I felt like I might be better off using my personal domain for a blog instead.

I found this forum recently, and decided to ask for some advice from people who have already found success online. I figured now is probably the best time to get started because ahead of me I have about four months of summer break, which starts in around two weeks from now. During the break I am also planning on working part time for my father on weekends. Doing that will bring in about $120 every 2 weeks. I also have the option of increasing my hours after the first month of break. In the time between now the star of next semester, I want to work hard and start a business which will allow me to avoid another semester in college. The problem is, I don't know where to put the time in. With all that said, I have come to you guys here on the Warrior forum for any advice on how I can get started.

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    If all you have is $20, I'd strongly suggest finding some kind of part-time job until you get back on your feet. You can make money online, but it may take a few weeks/months, so you'll need money to hold you over until then.
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      Take the job with your father and any other jobs you can get, save up some money. Don't spend any money on IM products. There is a ton of free information easily available. Google 'internet marketing blogs' . Pick up free information without buying any offers. Take your time learning a bit about IM without spending any money or expecting to make money overnight.
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    Okay, thanks for the advice so far. I''ll definitely plan on taking the job. I guess the question now is how much money is the minimum I need to get started? Also, is there anything in particular that I should focus on as I get started?

    I've done a little research. The plan I'm currently thinking about is first, getting into kindle publishing once I have the money to pay someone to write a book for me. In the meantime I could start a blog on the site I own. After that, I was thinking I could start selling affiliate products on the blog.

    I came to this by thinking I could emulate a guy who runs a blog called Life Mastery if I remember correctly. If I decide to go that route, how long would it be before I start making decent money?

    I'm aware I won't become rich over night. But if I put the money I get from working part time and my free time towards working online, what kind of results might I expect after 4 months or so?
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    Taking that job with your dad is a great move. Regarding school, I don't know what to tell you. Making money online is an awesome way to make a living because it can give you a lot of freedom and the ability to work for yourself.

    But there is a learning curve and it could take you up to a full year just to get yourself off the ground.

    You could start learning for FREE like others are saying above. Start by using the search feature above and try to wrap your mind around all the different make money online methods that are in existence today.

    Eventually you will start to get an idea of what can work for you.

    Then I recommend buying further education down the road. Keep in mind that you will always need money to get started in IM and money to keep things going even while you are learning.

    To your success!
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    I agree with the other comments somewhat, But you should also start to build a targeted email list IMO
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      Honestly, I think it would be in your best interest to stay in school.

      It is something you can always fall back on in case things do not workout on your own !

      Save that $20 for Pizza nights at the dorm

      - Robert Andrew
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        Okay, so my current plan of action:
        1) Take a part time job.
        2) Play it safe and plan on staying in school for now.
        3) Study free resources on online business and marketing.
        4) Use the free time I have to:
        • Start blogging
        • Find/Research a niche
        • Create an eBook (or other information product) on the niche
        • Use the blog to promote the product
        • Create a free report on a similar and relevant niche to give people if they give me their email
        • Use the emails I get to promote the blog, my own products, and affiliate products
        • Rinse and Repeat
        5) When the business gets going, then and only then should I consider leaving college.

        Thanks for the advice so far guys. I kind of have an idea of what to go for. I'll suck up going to school until can afford not to.

        The question now is, what Free Resources do you guys recommend for newbies? Things on writing eBooks, outsourcing, etc. And of course I'll do my own research, but if you have recommendations please do share.
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        Dr. Mani has an eBook that will help you a lot. I wish I had it when I first start out. It will take you from creating your own product to selling your on product without breaking the bank. Check it out!

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