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Hello, im new in ebooks creation, marketing and selling. I am trying to focuse on publishing for childrens.

Inside the children's category there are about 10 subcategories. I need an advice on how do I do my research for what kind of books I should be creating and focus on. My plan is to comeup with a new book every 2 weeks but I have been researching and researching for 4 full days now wasted a lot of time and still have no clue what books i should make for kids.

Any advice in the ebook kindle will be appreciated.
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    Look at the top best selling in each subcategory and look for trends. For example, dragons are popular right now because of How to train Your Dragon 2. Realistically, your best make is to just start producing something and build a following for yourself as a children's book author. However, the main focus should be on producing a great children's book, not as many as possible or one every few weeks. Hope it helps!
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    I would just start with something instead of wasting anymore time.

    Look at the bestsellers list on Amazon for children's books, draw inspiration from the top 10 and create your very first book.

    Without experience in publishing books you're not going to get lucky enough to pick a bestselling hit the first book you publish most likely :p

    I plan to rule the world.... Starting Monday.

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    I would echo the above - start with something, and check the current best-selling for that"somthing."

    Then I'd add that if you wanted to riff on upcoming movies, you can find websites with list of movies in production that will be released in the next 6-12 months. You may find a future trend you can get ahead of.
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    For Children, you can write many books, such as Education with play, some good tips by cartoon, Health or, something like these. You can try to do. I think you may gain in this field, if you follow the way. Best of luck.


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  • If you'r kind of perfectionist, then you will keep losing time trying to come up with a 'perfect' ebook, in the 'perfect' category, to the 'perfect' audience.. doing nothing but thinking on theories.

    You just need to sit down, turn off internet, open your preferred text editor, type 5 -10 How to's about your niche, pick one, and tell your self 'THIS is what I will write about. Period' and start typing.
    Don't stop until you have finished you ebook, then, and only then turn-on internet for the only purpose to upload your ebook to KDP.

    Basically, forget about perfectionism and start TAKING ACTION.
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    As somebody who has helped people publish on Kindle and has helped Kindle authors make $900 a month per book, I can offer the following advice:

    First, you are already starting with a major competitive advantage.

    You already have identified ten subcategories that you want to target.

    What you need to do is you need to figure out the top 10 books and look at their rankings.

    If you notice that the ranking of the #10 book is over 500,000 or over 300,000, then your niche is probably going to be quite weak.

    You need a fast-moving niche.

    Maybe if the #10 book, which must be self-published, mind you, is around 150,000 then you are definitely in the right ballpark.

    If anything over 500,000, it would seem that you will be targeting a very cold subcategory.

    Success with Kindle really all boils down to targeting the right niche because some niches get a lot of buyers and people are quite vocal regarding certain niches.

    Other niches just tend to sit there, and books in these niches really do not move all that much.

    Pay attention to these signals.

    Of course, you only need to track self-published books because professionally published books do not count due to their massive PR system.
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    As many other people here have mentioned, pay attention to pop culture phenomenons, and then work from there. Right now a few popular things may be books about pet adoption (especially from shelters), cats, organic foods and healthy eating, children's books informing them about illnesses in the news like ALS. Just to name a few genres that people are specifically looking into. Publishing books in holiday niches around those holidays is also a great move. For children's books specifically, mult-lingual seems to be a big hit right now. Have books that teach kids more than one language.
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    My suggestion is look for a sub category that has decent sales that you could break into the top 10 easily. Get the first book into the marketplace, setup a mailing list then from their shoot for the bigger categories while using your buyers list to push you up the charts.
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    New book every two weeks?

    wow, that's impressive man.. how you plan to crank out that many books that easily man?
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    I can make 3 books a day. High quality and good graphics. I am graphic designer 8 experience so I know how I can create lots of publications in short time... Books, magazines, newspapers, websites, flash banners ads. But I stopped making children books because: I don't have time to publish the books and I don't have time to post links, promotions, marketing... It takes time to publish and market a book, about 1.5/H each. I don't have time to do that.

    50% of the books royalties to you or anyone who would like to publish and market the books and help with the writing of the stories. You will need to help with research and the writing short stories. so?
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