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Me and my team started a new membership site where participants can access tons of PLR, articles, unique blog posts, video courses, etc all for a very low price. ($19) The content is constantly being updated and the member access and price never changes.
We even teach members exactly how to use the unlimited content available to them.

In order to hit that magical 1,000 member mark, is it a good strategy to offer a $1 trial for 30 days? Or will people balk at the low price and pay more somewhere else (thinking this is too good to be true)?

Here is how we did it:
Mother's Day Special
Get full access to DownloadStuff.net for only $1 !!!
Use Coupon Code: B79EAC5195
Go get it before this offer ends!

Some on the team think this is a mistake, while some think it's great.

Need some expert opinion on this!

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