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Hey Warriors,

Designing Graphics and Web Sites is something that I love to do, I'm trying to step out of my box and take things to a bigger level but I've seem to have developed "Style Block".

That's why I've came to my fellow Warriors. What is it that WOWs you when you look for a designer? My Warrior link below has a bunch of my recent work in there. I would appreciate it if you would take a look at my work and let me know what are your likes and dislikes about my work.

If you have any links to examples of designers works you like send me a link so I can see what it is that interest you.

I am not trying to copy anyone out there, I am looking for new styles to collaborate with my mine to make a New & Improved Me.

Thanks for the Help Warriors
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    Hi Earl Smith,

    I'm no designer but I do dabble a little bit with my own graphics.

    If you really want to improve yourself, I highly recommend hitting
    the library (or Amazon/eBay) and look for some inspiration. Or you
    could look at the other competitors in the Design thread or
    Warriors for Hire thread.

    Online, one of the best sites for inspiration (or possible depression
    if you see the mad talent you might be up against) is:
    deviantART: where ART meets application!

    For example... my friend's brother had a hand in this piece of art:

    It's a fan created picture for a game but my eyes popped when he
    told me his brother helped make it.

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    Could you just give us a DIRECT link to any of your samples? Your home page appears to be under construction and is too hard to figure out.

    It should be okay to post it directly here as it's a request for a review and not to drum up sales.

    That being said, I can honestly say that (in my humble opinion) your graphics do NOT currently WOW me, and need a bit of work to have what I would consider a professional touch.

    In general, they are too busy, and please take this as constructive...they kind of look like someone who was wowed by all of the neat filters and effects available to them in their graphics software. How do I know? Because that used to be me.

    Show your skill through YOUR skill, and not through the "artificial skill" of software.

    EDIT: There's one piece of the puzzle I left out: your target market. My comments only come from my frame of reference, but after seeing some of your work, I have a sense of a certain "urban" flavor. If that's what your clients like, then that's cool.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    Thanks Micheal those are the words I just couldn't find to describe my work. The link you went to must of be the impnetworking.

    This is the link I would like for you to check out my current work.
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    Hey Earl,

    A professional design that's good on the eyes, conveys the message, makes the visitor stay and is a bit creative is what WOWs me.

    For some inspiration, I'd recommend you check out work of these folks -

    Creating Gorgeous User-Interfaces since 05'


    Affordable Blog and Web Design from Staffordshire, UK; by Onvo

    And also, take a look at Talkfreelance - Freelance Webmaster, Web Design & SEO community - Powered by vBulletin, you'll learn a lot about designing and freelancing there.

    Rock on!
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    Hi Earl Smith,

    Personally, I think your designing skills are alright. They're
    not going to win any big competitions but they'll suffice.

    Here are some simple design tips I learnt during the days
    I messed around with graphics (either web design or other
    graphics like reports, wallpapers, custom designs, etc).
    • Stick with 1 or 2 fonts
    • Use a max of 3 color variations
    • Design is meant to enhance - not distract
    Currently, on your IMPNetworking site, the graphics go
    against all 3.

    Not saying you should abide by them, but if you check out
    most good designs online, you'll find most of them follow

    For the DeviantArt site, search for the terms:
    • Web Design
    • Site Design
    • Web Site
    • ... other variations
    And you'll see some good designs there. It might inspire
    you to create something =)

    All the best!

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    Everyone thanks for the advice, I want to make sure I last in this game. Not only that but eventually dominate.
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      Originally Posted by Earl Smith View Post

      Everyone thanks for the advice, I want to make sure I last in this game. Not only that but eventually dominate.

      Here's the thing about internet marketing...it's not about how "pretty" or "cool" a site is, it's about how well it converts, and how well it presents an offer to visitors.

      A lot of times "flashy" and "artsy" equals "no sales". I only hire people who are able to design a site that elicits a response from the visitor. Show me a designer that can create pages that convert, I'll show you a designer that has to turn away work because they are too busy.

      I wish you luck my friend.
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