Annoying Pop Up Opt In Box that Won't Go Away

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A few blogs I have visited have a pop up with the opt in box. This is quite good idea to happen once to get your attention. However, on some sites the pop in box keeps reappearing every few seconds even after you provide details and is very annoying. Is there easy setting in WP to avoid this.
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    Check to make sure you don't have a script installed to your Web browser that is erasing your cookies on startup.

    I think nag screens in general should go away. If people want to subscribe, they will. I am "blind" to these screens and automatically close them without even noticing them sometimes.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    Originally Posted by StephenGB View Post

    Is there easy setting in WP to avoid this.
    I am guessing you are asking because you want to use a pop-up on your blog, but don't want to annoy your visitors.

    Most pop-up plugins for Wordpress allow you to choose what triggers the pop-up and whether to show it again.

    You just need to play with the settings for your plugin and test until it works like you want.

    If you meant to avoid seeing it yourself, there is an easy solution that I use. I close that blog and don't go back.
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