5 Actionable Tips to Increase Trust for Your Website

by Verena
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Here are a couple actionable tips to build trust on your website. This works for most website: ecommerce, small businesses, sales page.

According to Taylor Nelson Sofres’s survey, people cancel 70% of online purchases because of lack of trust.

When there is not trust, getting business is not easy. So, instead of focusing on building nice looking sites and sales copy, I feel web masters should first figure out how to incorporate ''trust factor'' on their sites.

Here are a couple tips that will help:

1. Use trust seals/badge on your site.
It's a 3rd party badge shows that a site is legit. If you're running an e-commerce site, this is a must. Which trust seal increase most sense of trust to buyers? Believe it or not, anti-virus software brands works best (according to Baymard). That's maybe these are the common logos people have seen on their PC everyday (and they trust these logos). So, check with your web-host, see if you can put some of these up on your site.

2. You need contact information up on your site.
If you're running a local business site. This is a must. Get your address & phone up. If you can, get a Google map up on your site. If you operate from home, sign up for a local virtual office address/phone. I've been building sites for clients. Those who do it, get more lead and sales vs those who dont.

3. Show owner's face on website.

If you're selling personal services: freelancers, handyman etc. Show your face up on your site. Can be an image or a video talking. Either way works. Point is: people don't trust a soul-less site... no matter how great-looking a site is. Unless, it's a well-know brand/person site.

4. Show images of your shop/office.
If you're running a small business: florist, hair saloon, beauty saloon etc. Shoot a couple images of your shop and get them up on your site. This is always neglected, do it and you'll instantly increase your site's trust level up many times.

5. Customer testimonials/reviews.
This is big. Most people read up to reviews before they buy. In my opinion, that's the customer testimonials that convince our potential customers to buy, not the sales copy. We can have sales copy that's so-so. That's just not the crucial part to make or break our business. It is our best customers that actually help us (BIG) to move our product/services ...That's just what I think.

These are just a few off the top of my head... feel free to chime in, add more if you have some to share.
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    Thanks Verena for the 5 tips. Having a face is critical so that the sale transaction has more of a human touch. I was thinking even having a video of the owner speaking to potential customers.

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    Yeah, nice tips, i never would've thought that putting a picture of your workspace would increase trust...clever.

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    Some actual good tips here, thanks Verena.

    Although I will add something, although it is obvious (yet people round these places still seem to not understand), the best way to increase trust on your website is to genuinely be trust worthy. Have the clients needs, wants and happiness as your main priority and concern when you build your site or business and when you write your content, and it will show through.

    Make the consumers, customers and clients your primary concern, and profit secondary, and you will soon find your conversion rates going through the roof.
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      nice tips, i never would've thought that putting a picture of your workspace would increase trust...clever.
      Yes, it works. The idea looks simple, but it works. When our audience first land on our site, they dont know us. We have very little time to build trust...what do we do?

      We want to quickly show people there are ''real people'' behind this new site they've landed on. One of the best way is to show them our workspace. Sometimes, thousands of pitch can't beat a couple workspace images. I've seen sites placing 10s of workspace images on their main page. This works!

      I've seen so many sites paying for Adwords campaigns and dont understand the psychology behind this. They set up a ton of pitch + stock images. No owners faces, no team faces, no office images. Looks very unreal. That's poor web marketing decision.

      When I look at these images, I can tell myself these are real companies behind a site...

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        Wow, this looks like my house, except this is more organized than my house and i would not dare put a picture on the internet. LOL!
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          Here are a couple more tips to build trust for your site:

          1. Show some kind of social proof
          Share how many clients you have, how many blog readers you have, how many people liked you FB page, these numbers help you. Teespring pages show the number of shirts a campaign sold. Amazon product page shows the review counts. The more social proof, the better.

          2. Site design

          Here is the fact, we're all human: we judge a book by the cover. The same applies to your website. If your site design looks amateur, no matter what you pitch, it's not easy to win the trust of your audience. There are so many professional Wordpress theme around, get your site revamp if you have to. If you dont want to mess with design or coding, hire a good designer.

          3. Explain why your product is better
          This airpot video explain why using their pot is better. Better plant growth, well drainage, promote healthy bacteria to soil, promote better roots, auto-air pruning, stimulate root branching, enable plant absorb more nutrient.

          4. Exhibit results

          The video continues to show ait pot grown onion is 20% larger than the normal ones. Result sells, people are buying results. People dont buy an air pot, people buy solution to grow better corps. It's the same with your products or services. People dont buy backlinks, people dont buy seo coaching, people dont buy seo software. They buy the results. If you can convince your product or services produce results (with believable proof), you win.

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    Great tips. May I add as well something I have found is that people tend to trust a domain name that has a country extension.

    For example, if you're running your business out of Australia make sure you take the appropriate measures to get a .au domain. People will tend to take you more seriously and trust your site if you have say .com.au over just a simple .com
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      Also one of the biggest, quickest and most effective ways to establish trust that most people overlook is to ... drumroll please! ...
      ..."Give something of value FIRST - without demanding something in return".

      To the uninitiated, it looks like bad business, right? Wrong. So few people do it, you'll instantly stand out, be more memorable and win the trust of skeptical people who would have normally ignored you.

      The key? It has to be "value they recognize" (no cheapies here please) or it'll backfire.
      Caution: This is not for wimps, sissies or "what's in it for me first" marketers.
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      "201 Ways To Live Better On Less Money".
      "Because The Easiest Way To Make Money is ... ... By Saving Some First!"
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    Makre sure you have a social buzz, so when people search online they find real people in your business.
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  • Profile picture of the author dustoff
    These are some very good ideas. I can't think of anything else to add at the moment.
    Some of them I have been neglecting to do, and need to get busy.
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    Excellent guidelines I liked it, and I personally feel that css is also very very important part for enhance trust, secondly providing (after sale service) will boost more trust and confidence & also increase the leads. Thanks.
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