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Hi So i am thinking of bumping my WSO after seeing someone else get success with their WSO. So my question is this. I have got a new graphic package, but what converts better on warrior forum?. The plain and simple sales page or the fancy ones with graphics? which has converted best for you?
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    Nice-looking graphics work here.

    I tried using a graphic sales page I'd developed and run here on another platform and the result was "OMG that looks so spammy."

    The WSO market is a world unto itself. Just because it works here does not mean it will work elsewhere.

    For the most part, though, I have been using plain text for WSOs since 2012. When I've upgraded to graphics, I have not seen a significant increase in conversions. People want quality content. The hype in this marketplace helps to get every buyer you can here (and all the accompanying hassles and refunds), and I do my best to turn that crap off to attract serious buyers, but sharing real skill and results will trump fancy graphics.
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    Keywords convert, not graphics (if you're talking about organic or PPC traffic)
    If you want a high click through rate always use blue text links both above and below the fold. Banner ads are a waste of space.

    EDIT: If you can create a graphic that looks like a text link then that works.

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    Here, well, email marketing makes most of the sells. So if you have a good email list you can get more sells. Surely a good images helps you to convert as well.

    A good sells pages + Good email list + Good Product = Success
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    I'd take a look at existing and past WSOs found under your mail keyword, and see which ones got the most views. Of course, that would just tell you who got bumped the most, but if they got bumped, they were probably making money. You could design your sales page and price point based on what you find.
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    If the graphics are used WELL to illustrate your point then use them. Don't use graphics for graphics sake.

    Asking if graphics convert is hard to answer. If used properly they always do better than no graphics.
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    Only 1 real way to know for sure.... test it!

    We can sit here and give you theories all day.... but the real true answer will be revealed once you test both hypotheses, and see which one makes you more money.

    But i have my money on the graphics option.

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    First you need to test it.Graphic submission is very effective technique to get website ranking.
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  • "Do graphics convert" is too broad of a question. Same with "should I use a text vs graphic WSO sales page".

    Results from each marketer will be different.

    If you tested 10 different graphics, or even entire sales pages, you may find a winner and a loser. Same with 10 different text sales pages.

    Therefore you should never decide that one is best over the other, by having only ever tried one of each, without tweaking, testing, tweaking, and testing again...
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    I get a lot of traffic from Google images. Also, pinterest is great for pins. Those will bring in a lot of traffic that has good conversion. Links will increase on normal search as well as Google images. Try to add pictures as slowly drip fed images.
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