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on eza, when changing the author on your Approved live articles, is that a brand new submission review, and takes days to review?

or it is a quick procedure which doesnt affect your article status?

for example, if i want to change my live articles author from Author a to author b, is it a simple procedure that doesnt affect the status of my article?

can i change a bunch of authors at once?

and is this different for live articles compared to pending?
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    Any change you make to your article after going live will result in your article being moved to pending. It will be reviewed and sent back to live.
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      If your article is already live online on EzineArticles.com, it might have already been syndicated throughout the internet. If you are using the same articles but with different author name, they might not accept it as they can find the same piece of article that is under the old author.

      I personally think that the best person to ask is the EzineArticles support team.

      Hope my humble contribution helps


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    My experience: Nothing happens fast at EzineArticles.

    (but I love 'em!)

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    yup agreed. Ezinearticles approval process or their support now are all very slow. I think the founder is also a warrior too. But guess ezine articles is too big now and may take some time for them to improve their services.
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