My friend needs help unlock a zip file

by monsur
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Dear expert friend,

My friend -Mr. Asif has a password protected zip file what needs to be unzipped badly.
He tried with few online solutions that failed,finally he also tried to download one/two unlocking softwares but they require to participate in a survey which is a tedious task on part of him.

So he requested me to ask my experts warrior friends with a view to getting a safe free way to unlock the zip file!!!!

On part of him,I request you to come up with what you have got.

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    Ask the person who sent him the file to give him the unlock code.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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    It is difficult to crack a password protected ZIP file.

    I suspect the one/two unlocking software is a scam to get people to complete CPA offers without actually providing a solution. There are a lot of sites that offer bogus solutions behind a series of CPA offers.

    How to Remove the Password from a Zip File Without Knowing the Password

    You could try some software like this:

    But a lot of software like that is simply dictionary/brute force password guessing. If the password is very long and complex it can take a long time for the software to work and even then may not be successful.
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    I have a feeling that the zip file came from a third party website with a note on it that the password can be opened by participating on a survey.

    These kinds of blackhat method had been going around for years now. If I'm correct, then don't bother unlocking the file since most likely the download file that you got is bogus as well.
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    I remember attempting this several years ago using a zip password brute force cracker. The software said it would take over a year to go through every combination.

    Nowadays you could probably do it quickly using cloud computing, but I don't know anything about setting it up for that use.
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