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Hey all,

I try and keep my personal opinions to myself. After all, who wants to know the rubbish in my head, or what type of Ben and Jerrys I prefer?

Anyway, I like to keep up with the blogs of a few marketers and John Taylors is one of them. I just thought his latest post was so on the money as to be scary.

It's very frustrating to see great products get completely devalued within a couple of weeks because lazy marketers find it easier to pile them high and sell 'em cheap rather than to put a little effort into promoting them properly.
And a thought struck me - I know a lot about price testing, and how price you think would work don't always bring in as much as a price that is higher or lower. Percieved value and actual pricing is a complicated issue, but John hit it right on the head - some people take products and sell them at far less than they should, simply to get volume sales.

Beyond that - they are operating like thrift stores - I'm not saying that is always a bad thing, but when it becomes a crutch for marketing skills then I think that harms everyone, customers, producers and marketers.

Just my two cents. Not sure if I can include a link to Johns blog - I have nothing to do with the affiliate links....

John Taylors on the money post.
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    I read that post too, and thought the same thing. That's why there used to be so many resale rights products on eBay selling for $0.99 and presumably why the digital download ruling got changed on eBay.

    John's idea on his blog is a good one, but not sure whether it will get taken up or not.

    PS ~ Just noticed the tags on this thread: John Money Taylor ~ John is that your middle name?

    "If you don't quit, you can't fail"
    Success will follow.

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    I've been running a similar system for selling my own resales rights stuff - but I've never been sure if Warrior Forum is the right place to advertise as I don't want anyway selling my stuff off 'cheap as chips'
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    The thing is, I think more people online are buying private label rights products instead of resale rights products, which makes it practically impossible to monitor pricing structures once the rights have been sold. I agree that RR and MRR products could be tracked and protected that way. I guess a lot of it depends on the author and the rights that they stiplate when they sell their products.

    "If you don't quit, you can't fail"
    Success will follow.

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    I can think of way to track PLR rights to an extent but I am not sure if the effort is worth it - people who market by going below the price ceiling aren't going to give up easily are they....
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    This looks really interesting. I am working on a product now that I was thinking of offering resale rights on.

    I am not sure I understand how it keeps people from charging whatever they want though.
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    This is why I have pretty much stayed away from the IM niche. I have found that unless you have a "celeb" type status with your personal name branded a "g.u. r.u." or, have a trendy new launch of a "system" you have a hard time selling products for more than $20. Even then, you get resistance, comparisons to cheaper and free stuff.

    The other thing that can blow the values out are when the big "Gooroos" start giving away their $1997 four crate course for shipping and handling.

    As a result, IM customers that are not familiar with our products and the product creators have no idea what is going on and why someone would give away a $2000 product can't really evaluate the true value of what they are getting.

    I'm not knocking the marketing behind that because I know what they are doing and why. But the newbies don't understand it and then you have people who can't tell the difference between Marlon Sander's years of experience and a 10 year old piece of PLR.

    You also have these discussions here about products and whose is better and a bunch of bantering about different marketers and who makes the best mentor and there is so much crap for people to wade through that it gets confusing.

    In most other niches, the potential customer only has personal experience with other products, maybe a little second hand information but mostly their immediate problem and the sales page.

    There is usually an average price for similar products within the niche that does not waiver as wildly as in IM.

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    Hi Andy,

    The system means that you are providing the sales transaction method, so that you control the price of the item!

    Matthew - not sure what to say other than, you are totally right and have really broadened this debate. Fantastic reply.
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