Using the word "Wizard" to define an application that makes it easy to do something.

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This might seem trivial but I believe that it may be significant with regards to using understandable terminology. I have something on my website that allows people to find something easily through a group of easy questions.

I am aware that many people may know what a "Wizard" is if they use a lot of windows products. I am just wondering if it is a good word to use or whether it could lead to confusion. I have pondered over calling it something like "Easy (something) Finder" or "Easy Selection Tool" or something along those lines. It does not sound as catchy as "Wizard" but I just want as large an audience as possible to understand what it is.

Do you believe that "Wizard" is a good word to use or not? Please tell me what you think about it.
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    Using the word "wizard" is fine. To most people it does mean getting to a result easier by assistance of a step by step process. I don't think many people would be confused by that word at this point in time, except absolute beginners at the computer.
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      I agree with Joan, even my 84-year-old Mother knows what a wizard is (and needs them frequently!).
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    Test it out and see. What does the market tell you?
    Learn to CODE at - It's Pretty Awesome!
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      Thank you for the responses. This sounds encouraging but I agree...

      Originally Posted by Marketing Fool View Post

      Test it out and see. What does the market tell you?
      It is another thing I will have to test. From what has been said on here, though, I believe it seems a pretty universal computer term to use.
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    A wizard is merely something that allows you to go through a certain process, walked through step by step. As such, having a wizard to help someone complete a task can be really useful.

    I see nothing wrong with branding it as a wizard.
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