What you consider Good and BAD traffic

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ok, got a question for you guys, i recently had one of my Click Bank accounts Bloqued.

this account was taking about 1000 to 2000 usd per month, selling various of Clickbanks products.

my traffic provenience was from a paid to click website, and i was buying and in bulk from them.

once they blocked the account i tried to figure out why, has i was making good sales and everything, so i tried to get in contact, after a few days i finally managed.

they said to be my account was blocked and will stay blocked because i was using bad traffic.

so all i would like to know is what is considered bad traffic and good traffic, and what is the best way to turn bad traffic to good traffic!

thank you
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    I see it in pretty simple terms...
    Good Traffic: Organic or relevant people coming in who could truly use my product/service and might consider ordering it.
    Bad Traffic: Bot traffic, traffic that is non-relevant and people who came into my site blindly without having much relation to the niche.

    How do you have more of one than the other? It's pretty simple to tell. Look where it's coming from, look at your bounce rate, analyze your conversion ratios..etc. The problem with bad traffic is that it messes up your stats with the good traffic. Bad traffic is going to lead to more hits, but less sales. It will also lead to an overall less amount of average time spent on the site, along with an overall higher bounce rate.
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    thank you, got it now
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  • Like said before, good traffic are unique first clicks by humans. Bad traffic are bots or the same persons clicking a 1000 times while changing or cloacking their IP adress.
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