Can You Rank Personal Social Media profiles?

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Hello Folks,

I was wondering whether it is possible to rank your social media profiles i.e Facebook, twitter, linked in, google plus. etc on the top of Search engines.

So that way whenever someone searches for our name, our social media profiles would rank on top of search engine (Considering our name as the Keyword)

Has anyone tried it ?
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  • Yup, if you google businesses like Gamelfy, or Nike, you'll see their profiles showing up

    And I'm speaking from experience, this is doable.

    I actually rank Youtube channels by leaving comments on high PR videos and channels. As long as you've named the channel after your keyword!

    The basic premise is this...

    Just like is assumed to be the most relevant site for anyone searching keyword is the most relevant facebook page for the search keyword

    And so on...

    Plus, since those social media site have high PR homepages your pages will carry more weight than most of your competitors....oh and you can build as many links as you want, without fear of penalty
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    Unless your company name is very familiar to many competitors' names, you should be able to rank your name easily.

    In fact, simply setting up a social media page should be enough.

    Again, it depends on the name.

    If your company has a fairly common name, you may need to earn backlinks to outrank your competition.

    It also depends on what they are doing to rank.
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    Yes, mostly what I have observed is that Google plus pages rank at earliest, followed by Facebook pages, You must keep them posted with lot of content to make sure they rank.
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