Mentors!! The Good & The Bad

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How hard is it to find mentors that are there to help without hidden agendas?
Have you had good/bad experiences ?
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    Do not post complaining about specific people, guru or newbie
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    A mentor who is actually great and doesn't want anything in return? is the only place I can think of.
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      Originally Posted by marc100 View Post

      A mentor who is actually great and doesn't want anything in return? is the only place I can think of.
      I have utilized them in the past and i'd have to agree score is a good one. You can use them online or in person. I prefer online with their service just because the profiles in my own city doesnt move me enough to want to meet up in person.

      The other place I find mentors is locally. I just google search the industry and cold call. I find people willing to help and guess what? The conversations stick in my brain plus I know for sure they have no agenda as they are actual business owners selling real products and services. They dont create information products and they dont want me in a coaching program because they dont offer those things. I can go to their office and get knowledge from people who dont do any type of consulting, nor do they offer any info product service.
      Go local meet real business owners and learn.
      Oh what a feeling

      P.S. Did the op bad mouth somebody? I dont see that on the thread unless it was deleted.


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    OP, look in their WSO reviews for feedback.

    It's against the forum rules to badmouth people as that would be opinion and hearsay.

    What if you have a coach who provides everything they said they would, and the client doesn't do any of the work they were supposed to extremely common situation, probably 8/10 students do nothing...and then the client goes around saying "XYZ's coaching doesn't work"?

    Is that true?

    Is that fair?
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      This could open a can of worms for sure. I have tried a few mentors and coaches and it took me quite some time to find someone that I could actually work with and was interested in my success and did not have some hidden agenda.
      There are coaches and mentors who have little experience and cannot adapt to some peoples learning styles.
      In the end it is truly up to the student and whether they do the work.
      If I may make a suggestion head on over to udemy and find some courses you are interested in. This way you will find people with different teaching styles. There are often very high quality courses available there for low cost.
      You could also join the War Room here in the Warrior forum as there are lots of talented people in here. Often there are great offers and this will give you a taste of the mentors teaching style.
      You need to be comfortable with your mentor and feel that they will not only nurture and support you but also push you outside of your comfort zone and keep you accountable.
      Best of luck in your search.
      There is a saying when the student is ready the Teacher will appear
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    Jason makes great points above. If you're interested, I just joined a high ticket coaching program and I'm doing a full case study on it over at my blog.
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    Originally Posted by walsh259 View Post

    How hard is it to find mentors that are there to help without hidden agendas?
    Look for the ones that you have to convince to take you on. Look for the ones that have already done what you want/solved the problem you had (verifiable proof).

    Vague promises of success from someone desperate to keep the lights on isn't going to get you far. Do. Your. Homework.
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      One of the big problems, IMO, is that many students have an unreal expectation of the role of a coach or mentor.

      They believe, wrongly, that once a coach is hired and the money is paid, it is the coaches responsibility to make the student profitable . . . to "force" the student into a successful business.

      That's not how it works.

      The coach is there to guide, direct, answer questions, and apply his knowledge to the student's situation. He is not there to do the work for the student. Much like a football game, the coach stays on the sideline. It is the student that has to get on the field and execute the plan (whatever that may be).

      Too many students expect the coach to hand them a profitable business on a silver platter. When that doesn't happen, they naturally blame the coach for not meeting their expectations. People have to take responsibility for their own success, even with a high priced coach.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Always contact them via the support system and ask for proof.
    Be kind without having the "you all are thieves" mentality "and now I'm gonna interrogate you".

    If the seller won't respond in less than 72 hours then he does not really care about you/us.
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    It's not easy, but are you looking for a mentor... or a coach?

    Originally Posted by walsh259 View Post

    How hard is it to find mentors that are there to help without hidden agendas?
    Have you had good/bad experiences ?
    You've gotten some good input here - but it may not be applicable to your situation at all.

    People often misunderstand the difference between the two, and often take them to mean the same thing.

    What are you really trying to find out (I doubt it has anything to do with football)? Without a more specific question(s), your answers are likely to be "hit and miss".

    Sid Hale
    Coming Soon... Rapid Action Profits (Pro)

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    Originally Posted by walsh259 View Post

    How hard is it to find mentors that are there to help without hidden agendas?
    Have you had good/bad experiences ?
    Well,personally in my 7 years here I have used in the past what I term as "silent" Mentors.

    So the what the hell is this ??

    Simply identifying some credible and trustworthy Members here at Warrior Forum and just studying what they are doing and listening to what they have to say.

    And then taking bits and pieces from here and there and developing my own personal style

    - Robert Andrew

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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      Originally Posted by Complex View Post

      P.S. You do realize you are Little Red Riding Hood asking if she can trust the Big Bad Wolf? This forum changed a few years ago. Folks went from being marketers to mentors. It's the biz model du jour. What do you think they are going to say?

      They will give unbiased practical advice while turning off their signature to prevent any misgivings of an ulterior motive.

      Or bland vagueries hoping for a click. Who can really tell these days .
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    Hmmm. Interesting question, and it's generated some awesome feedback. I, personally, don't know of any "bad" mentors. But I do know a few good ones. It would be unethical of me to list any of their names here. Feel free to PM me for a short list. It's short because I don't know very many. However, I think your best course of action might be to pose a question like "Newbie looking for a coach/mentor in Internet Marketing (or whatever niche interests you). PM me with details. Thank you." I wish you Good Luck in your search. May you always keep smiling!

    Is this the easiest way to make money online?

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      Originally Posted by cherrytom View Post

      I, personally, don't know of any "bad" mentors.


      The guy you don't want to be your mentor.
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    I saw this post today on my facebook feed that covers this stuff

    How To Find a Mentor | Selling & Telling

    (Not my site)

    Too lazy to write something clever here, so check out my marketing blog and learn from a REAL Super Affiliate at

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    I find this approach a bit childish (no hidden agenda).

    In a way, every person has a hidden agenda. Maybe it is money, maybe it is feeling good about himself.

    Now let's define a mentor. A mentor is a person who is 5 - 10 years ahead of you (or maybe even less) and can help you get there too. A mentor is NOT a coach. A coach is someone who is paid to help you.

    The guy who helps me train at the gym is a coach. He receives values in form of money and I receive value in form of guidance. The person which I met a few times a month in a semi-formal setting and I listen to his words of wisdom is my mentor. He is not paid and does not have an obligation to help me. He does this for his own reasons. There is a difference compared to the first - his obligation is legal or moral at least. The second does this for whatever reasons he wants.

    When I've hired a person to help me with my public speaking skills, he was a coach. The rules were simple. He taught me. I learned. If I was not satisfied, I would have stopped the collaboration. The person that is a great public speaker and shares some of the wisdom is a mentor.

    Be sure to make the difference as it is very important.

    And if I were to ask the question "Where can I find a mentor with no hidden agenda?" I would not have an answer. People are driven by something. I've been mentored because I was a friend, because I was ambitious, because I seemed lost and for many other reasons.
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    Sometimes you have to take a risk. There are good and bad ones.

    If someone here has a good one - and you're a direct rival competitor... do you think they would advise their mentor to you?

    Pony up the money and find out the old fashioned way. You'll know the answer to your question sooner or later.
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    Originally Posted by walsh259 View Post

    How hard is it to find mentors that are there to help without hidden agendas?
    Have you had good/bad experiences ?
    All of the coaches I've had have been nothing but amazing.
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