What are the best tools need for Affililiate marketing?

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I am a RN and work full time. What strategies and tools would you suggest to maximze my time an bring some results. I have tried solo ads text ads classifieds. I own my own safelists 4800 members. But I am not making money.
I would appreciate your input.
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    I would start writing articles in your spare time that you have promoting affiliate products.

    You can lead your traffic straight from the article with a cloaked link, or you can send traffic to a free blog like blogspot.

    Since you work full time obviously that leaves you little time. I would start getting your momentum by writing articles.

    If you have time you can start producing your own videos to promote products as affiliate, they actually don't take that along to create with screen capture software.

    They don't have to be fancy, you can basically make a video version of your article and submit them to all the video submission sites.

    You start regularly doing this you'll start seeing sales come in very quickly.

    Frank Bruno
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      Thanks so much for your kind reply. Your coaching appears very comprehensive. I do not know if I hav the time to make full advantage of it if I signed up for the coaching . One thought I had for the short run is to ask if it is possible to hire a reputable person ot do some marketing for much like hiring a copy writter for a shirt time.
      I would apprectiate your thoughts.

      Melanie Gray
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    A hosted Wordpress blog with a .com domain in a hot market. Then use Trackboost to drive traffic. Also Article Marketer is good.
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