Are some sites just bad for monetization?

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I had an idea for a forum that I believe would get a lot of traffic. But it is based on "social justice" and the discussions would be about very negative topics.

This got me wondering if some web sites were just bad for monetization (if that is a word).

Would advertisers still be drawn to the site for the demographics of visitors?

I am not even sure if, for example, google would would allow ads on such a site due to negative content. Even though it would be a site for criticizing the subject.
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    Without knowing what the content is going to be this is a difficult question. However, if your forum attracts a lot of visitors I don't see how it can't be monetized.

    If your forum is in order to discuss a subject that has caused distress to people, then surely counselling services or psychiatrists will be able to advertise their businesses on the forum.

    Where there is traffic there is money.

    All The Best
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    Hello RickSlade

    It does not happen very often but its all base on what is your content. Now to avoid that you need to build a high quality content and try to vary it.

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    The main factor for site profitability is your topic.

    Markets like Make Money Online, Health or Weight Loss can sell really well.

    Informational topics sometimes convert well. But frequently make almost no income.
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    Thanks for your suggestions. I guess that I can definitely monetize this in some way. The content will be images, videos and discussion about them. It could be that T-shirts, mugs and the rest could be sold off this through affiliates. The people who post will likely be spending too much time on the internet discussing things that don't move them on in life. So I guess that products which help them with their issues might be pitch-able. I guess that having advertising right from the start will be essential for me so that I don't introduce it later and see people flipping out.
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