What worked better for you? Lowe sale price or 50% coupon

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I have a software that I am thinking of lowering the price to 50%. Is it a good strategy? Or should I keep the price same and give out occassional 50% off coupon? Which one worked better for you? Thanks
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    This is something you're going to have to test. Do an a/b split to see what results you get. Remember that what works for one market or product may not work for another. For you to really get an unbiased answer would require that I had done similar promotions with a similar product to yours.

    Testing will give you the answer.

    Hope this helps.

    - Jay
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    I'd say keep the price as it is but create an opt-in page and state that if they suscribe , they will receive bonuses and a 50% rebate.

    You still make sales but you build your list also.
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    Lowering your price is a pricing strategy, 50% off is a promotional strategy. Generally it's easier to get rid of a promotion without negative consequences, but messing with your standard pricing shouldn't be done without serious consideration to consequences both short and long term.
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    People get hooked easily at 50% off. Better keep the price of your software so that the people will determine if that coupon is really true.
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    Use the 50% off coupon. Just search and look around the web. See how many coupon sites there are. People love knowing they have saved money just by using a coupon.

    When I'm purchasing something online and just before I click that 'ORDER NOW' button, I always search the web to see if I can find a coupon to use at the online store I'm buying from.
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    Before I would do either, I would ask myself about the reasons for lowering the price at all. Is it because you are not getting sales or because you have saturated the market already. Maybe you just need to offer a temporary coupon for a % off for a limited time - and at the same time increase your traffic to the site.
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