Joy Ride Ads WordPress Plugin - Free

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Hey guys, I just finished developing a free WordPress plugin. I named it Joy Ride Ads

Monetize More From Your WordPress Blog

Offer advertisers the opportunity to "Joy Ride" your blog!

1. Advertiser provide content for your blog post/page or you can write one for them.

2. Advertiser put a direct link on their website to your blog.

3. Visitor lands on your blog coming from the advertiser's website.

4. Visitor will see advertiser's post/page being featured on your blog's homepage.

5. Advertiser's post/page will be permanently featured on your blog for this particular visitor, even if the visitor come back to your blog many days later.

This way, many advertisers/companies will want to "Joy Ride" your blog, especially if your blog is an "authorative" or a "review" blog. Automatically generate massive quality direct links from these advertisers websites! Everyone would want to link to your site now!

You can charge a monthly fee for this "Joy Rides" or you can simply give it away for free, look at the bright side, these advertisers will actually send you good quality traffic AND direct links for free!

Get it for free and watch the Joy Ride Ads Video action
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