The Perfect Membership Script, Site or Plugin

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Hello Everyone:

Everyone has their favorite membership site or suite.

We also know that even the ones we love have one or two things we wish they did, that they don't.

At the same time, reality is that once you invest time into learning one, it's pretty rare that you want to've worked the kinks out of the one you own.

That said...

Based on what you're using now and what you've seen...what would the perfect or ideal membership site, script or plugin do?

Do you already own the best that you could buy?

Maybe a way to fill in your post might be what are the essentials..."if it doesn't have _______, it's a dealbreaker.

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    I'll go first
    If it doesn't have an easy learning curve, than that it's a dealbreaker.
    I ve used many.. The best for the moment is The plugin MemberSonic, which is really easy to use and has a lot of good stuff.
    In the same time i have heard a lot of good stuff of Chris Record's software, Smart Member..but i never got to use it..and i think it's around 600$ or something like that.
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    S2Member works pretty well for everything I have needed. Wishlist Member is also pretty good.
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    I did a lot of research recently (free and paid) and ended up choosing Wishlist Member.

    The reasons why...

    1. Multiple similtaneous payment gateway integrations. I can accept payments via Paypal, Clickbank and JVzoo at the same time.

    2. Cross platform support. It integrates with WP Courseware (add on plugin available), Aweber, WooCommerce and lots of other services if I might need to use them in the future.

    3. One-time fee.
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    I'm a fan of MemberMouse. Very easy to set-up and solid support.
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    I've used Wishlist and while it worked with out issue it's too difficult to modify. Somewhat limited. The code it too locked up. Plus the paid "support" club was terrible. Expensive and if I remember correctly there is no discount for renewals. It was NOT a one time fee when I used it. Unless they've changed that.

    Switched to S2member. What I Like is that it can be quite flexible and has a TON of options. Low cost and great support. What I don't like is that it has so many options. Has a learning curve. Some times it's overkill.
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    Follow Up Question: Is "Easy To Set Up" More Important Than "Lot's of Features"?

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      Originally Posted by Charles Harper View Post

      Follow Up Question: Is "Easy To Set Up" More Important Than "Lot's of Features"?

      Think every one could have a different answer, different requirements.

      Easy to set up with the right

      I have not tried them all, so maybe this is not exactly a qualified statement..

      But the biggest issue I've had with membership plugins is they don't sync well with autoresponder services if your using double optin. Of course it can be done, but you end up making the user jump through more hoops. To me, unnecessary steps.

      The perfect membership plugin for me...

      Protect content as a I want, such as partial content, like with tags, which most do, S2 and Wishlist does.

      Easy to set up free/paid levels

      When people sign up they get added to a list but do not get access to the membership site until they confirm email. And once they confirm, they are logged into the membership.

      Maybe this kind of plug-in exists and I have not used it yet.

      Or maybe my way is way is not the norm.

      Does they help in your quest for creating a membership plug-in?
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    For all of us who do most everything ourselves for our business, "easy to learn" is high on the list. Time is of the essence, as they say! I use Wishlist, which I bought a long time ago for a one time fee. There may be others that would be better, but on the "easy to learn" ladder, something you already know how to use is very high.
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    For me the software must include its own instant pay process that does not rely on other affiliate networks. I must have PayPal Adaptive Payments and automated bookkeeping. It must not use parallel or chain payments as different parts of the chain payments are hard to get PayPal approval for most businesses.

    It would have to have advanced security to prevent fraud.

    It must be able to build a buyer list with any autoresponder and not a select few.

    It must make it extremely easy to do joint ventures paying partners instantly on every sale. Plus allow the partner to build the buyer list in his/her own autoresponder.

    It must have a market place or product display area that has RSS feed capabilities.

    It must be able to work with PayPal's Pay Flow Pro member level and also use PayPal's Virtual Terminal and PayPal Here to still pay instant commissions to partners and affiliates in off line applications.

    Must be able to use Virtual Terminal for call centers to take orders over the phone and still pay affiliates and partners instantly at the point of sale.

    It must have the ability to take donations when partnering with non-profits.

    These are just a few things that I require for my membership software.

    Best regards,
    Steve Yakim
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    I'm a big fan of Wishlist's definitely worth the $200 price tag,tons of features. Optimize Member is another good one,it's free...
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