How to Get more orders from Fiverr Gigs

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Recently i am join fiverr. Need help for more view and more order.
Thank you.
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  • Reviews are a big thing.

    Get some friends/colleagues to buy from you and give you reviews.

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    Firstly you may get a small quantity order. When you have some good & Positive feedback, you will get a huge quantity work. Beside the fiverr, you can use some other site to get more works. Thanks for your advance.
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    I'd say you need to rewrite those descriptions. They don't sell. And that matters.
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    1.ask your friends and relatives to make your gig favorite
    2.participate in fiverr forum ..
    3.put your email signature with your fiverr gig link
    4.provide more that is give two for price of one
    5.while delivering order put link of your other gigs
    be the best
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    Good gigs with giid descriptions, options etc. Share on social media. Get reviews.
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    I really hope this helps you because I kind know the "cheats" to fiverr. So far I got about 55 orders and around 38 reviews with a 95% satisfaction rating. A trick I learned when I first started out is that the home page of fiverr can give you an idea of what gigs are selling. Good thing about fiverr is you don't really have to do much promotion for your gigs. I did basically none at all! People are searching for stuff all day long and you will get views on your gigs naturally. Now if your gig is specific to a certain category you want to do basically the same thing. See what kind of gigs show up first and model yours around them using similiar keywords in the title and gig descritpion. Now lastly you want as many POSITIVE reviews as possible! You can almost guarantee a positive review from a customer if you offer a FREE bonus to them upon delivering your gigs in exchange for a 5 Star review. It worked for me about 90% of the time. Positive reviews attract more and more buyers daily.
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    Offer up sells and give them bonus downloads when you deliver your completed gig...
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