Can I still get into the male fashion blogging business?

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Hey Warriors!

I have a huge interest in male fashion, hair and overall style. I'd really like to create a blog about this, but I'm wondering if it's a too saturated niche. How would I even compete with the big guys (, or etc.) is there space for a new startup?

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    Of course there is. In a short while you'll hear a lot of advice from fine folks here, telling you to "build trust", "create authority", "promote your brand", "engage in conversations" and all the usual mumbo-jumbo. Oh, and I forgot "find your niche". And someone will no doubt remind you that "the money is in the list".
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    No, you can no longer get into the male fashion blogging business. I filled the last spot last week, locked the door and threw away the key!

    Of course there is. Just find a good angle and start already!
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    As others have said, on the internet it's VERY hard for a market to truly be "saturated." In 2008 when I started my soccer blog, EVERYONE told me there were already too many soccer websites in the world. Fast forward three years and I was pulling in over 1m readers a month with 20 writers on my staff, and significant ad revenue. Good thing I didn't listen!

    It's the internet... there are BILLIONS (literally) of people all connected... no chance that the market is saturated!
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    Originally Posted by SSardorf View Post

    Hey Warriors!

    I have a huge interest in male fashion, hair and overall style. I'd really like to create a blog about this, but I'm wondering if it's a too saturated niche. How would I even compete with the big guys (, or etc.) is there space for a new startup?

    Hi Simon,

    Just be yourself.

    Be you obviously are.

    That passion will come through eventually and you will succeed.

    Otherwise there would be no new fashion.

    Go for it !
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      I agree with the other posters, go for it! I mean you have nothing to loose, plus you are passionate about what you are doing. Sounds like a winner to me!
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    More than 3 billion people are now using the Internet, according to the United Nations agency that oversees international communication.

    It's reasonable to assume that many of them will be men, many of those men will be interested in fashion. Of those men that are interested in fashion out of those 3 billion users, it's unlikely they are religiously committed to only visiting one website that's relevant to their interests.

    In short, yes there is space, absolutely. I know nothing about mens fashion blogging in all honesty, but I'm confident that if you knuckle down, find a good angle, etc etc, you can carve out a spot for yourself.

    Best of luck!
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    If you have to ask that question, probably a no.

    Internet Marketing is all about experimenting, there's never a certain answer to anything really, well to some things maybe. But questions like this can never really be answered, how long is a string?

    As with all highly competitive niches, it all comes down to you. If you're just a desperate guy trying to earn a few quick bucks then you're probably not going to make any money soon. With no experience in internet marketing or your niche you are most likely not going to provide anything of value, people have already done what you want to do, thousands times over.

    But if you do however have the knowledge (which I take from your post that you have) then I say to go for it. Only you can answer the question.
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    Find a place where people who are interested in your topic are already gathering.

    Find ways to pull them from that platform to your blog...which is your turf.

    Use interviews with existing experts to begin borrowing their credibility and building your own.

    Give them a reason to come back.

    Have something they can buy.

    Keep at it.

    These are all things most bloggers simply do not do.
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      At the risk of contributing to the "mumbo jumbo" , here's something to think about...

      Is "hair and fashion" the same for

      > a young black man into hip hop
      > the same black man into graduating college and finding that first 'real' job
      > a young white man looking to score with women in a club
      > the same man twenty years later, looking to score with women at the country club?

      Does it make a difference if any of those men are in Manhattan, NY or Manhattan, KS?

      Find the (warning, mumbo jumbo alert) niche that really trips your trigger and create your content for them. Don't try to cover the entire topic.

      Do it smartly, with enthusiasm and focus, and you may be surprised how much room there is for you.
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    Confidence you lot have given me. I'll definitely research the market, and figure out exactly, what do I wish to cover. Thank you all so much.
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    You shouldn't feel down because of the top guns. If you follow same suite as them, you won't make it to the top easily but there's always an alternative, you gotta think outside the box. What is it that they are overlooking? Look into a sub-niche under the niche. You can decide to focus on hairstyle, cologne, dress up for events and other issues that people need answers to but the top guys don't address. That way, you'll easily become a winner and rank on Google.
    Hope this helps, Omer here.
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    As others have mentioned, be yourself and try to think of a quality that you sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Make sure your brand or message is consistent across your site, as well as your social media channels, which are a great way to drive traffic to your site and further build your fan base. Don't be afraid to reach out to the larger competitors and engage with them via social media and blog comments. Best of luck!
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