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Hey all,

I own a unique domain name hack and I would like some advice from you as to what I should do with it.

The domain in question is

I had it appraised on Flippa in the past and the results were:
$1,174 (mean) Median: $650 Highest: $5,000

I put it up for auction and it didn't even gain 1 bid.

I have never done anything with it and I was thinking it might be good to develop it into an actual website as the term ''hardcore'' can be used for a broad amount of topics ranging from Gaming to Music to XXX.

However, I would really like to just offload it but if you think it would attract a higher payday in developing it into a website then I think I would take that route.

So, there you have it, what would you guys do?
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    If you do develop it, make it into an XXX website.

    If you don't really want to develop it, try to list it at least a few more times, sometimes the people who would want to buy it don't see it if you list it only once.
    "There comes a time when people get tired."
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    Whatever you do , please try not to do the XXX thing. I would not want to be a part of that dangerous growing addiction. Find something positive to do with it like, creating a site AGAINST porn. You will surely get tons of traffic and when they get there , they will see the dangers Your Brain On Porn | Evolution has not prepared your brain for today's Internet porn
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