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by jissio
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Hey guys, i live in the country where making 300 dollars per month would be great for me. Im looking for some good ways to reach this goal. Im conscious that it wont be withn night but the faster the better. English isnt my mother lang. So writing artc is not a good idea, im dreaming about my own company. Fiverr is a great site but i need something that will give me min 100 dollars, because if i make money online(even 5 dollars per month) have to set up company and pay 100$ to the org like IRS. IN my country we havent got amazon but we got sth like ebay. I know wordpress and basics od programming. Unfortunately havent got passions and hobbies. I hope you ll help me. I have got big ambisious but my family blocks my. I cant make my own decisions because im money dependent. Regards Jissio
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    You can make a lot of money on fiverr because you can upsell stuff. You charge $5 for the basic, $10 for another option, $20 for another option, you give them the opportunity to tip you $5 , extra $10 for one day delivery etc etc
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    Goals and ambitions are great! But they are also meaningless without an equivalent amount of work and effort. Profit is derived from asymmetry of information. What do you know about that other people do not, and are willing to pay for your expertise in?

    You mentionedWordPress and programming - could you develop these skills to a point where you can offer to do development work for businesses?
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    It is not important that your Mother tongue must be English. But your language need to be error free. there are many ways to earn this amount in the internet. Such as you can do Affiliate Program or, Adsense. To do this you need to have a Website, but not mandatory. You can use both Paid or, Free Domain & Hosting. Then you need to publish the Original content only. Never do Plagiarism. Then you can do SEO to increase your Page rank & Site Traffic. Finally you will be able to earn money by this site by doing Affiliate Program or, Adsense. Thanks
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    You can create a Niche Site and monetise with Adsense. Adsense always works well for not high amounts of money.
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    I remember years back my goal was to make a certain amount of money per month, some way some how on the Internet. I have been very blessed to have accomplished those very early on goals, but after you reach those goals there are always new goals and dreams to shoot for.

    Like people have already suggested, begin testing the waters with some proven money making methods such as Fiverr and Adsense. Then once you have made a few dollars your next step is to figure out how to scale those results. All the while staying as engaged in the industry as possible, keeping your eyes and ears on full alert at all times.

    All the best to you my friend. You can do it!
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    i would start by making a gig in fiverr and promote it a lot in social networks and forums then invest some money for better ways od money making.
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    ill give you a hint, resell fiverr gigs and if you can bang out 3 deals at $100 a piece you have your monthly goal.... good luck fellow warrior

    Grab a Free copy of my investing/marketing eBook!

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    Traffic...and Conversion.

    How do you make $300/mo?

    What's your revenue per sale?

    $300/sale price = how many customers you need.

    $4 revenue per sale is pretty tough, 75 sales. 2-3 per day.

    Traffic! To get 2-3 sales a day, you're gonna need 30-50 people viewing your offer, minimum. Probably more like 100.

    Are you getting that many views?

    What can you do to get that number of views?

    Can you raise your price so you need fewer buyers?

    Can you invest in pre-qualified traffic? If you can invest $100 in traffic, and can make $400, you keep $300.

    These are simple equations but almost nobody figures them out.

    They keep trying to make "as much as I can," which is a horrible target--no target at all.

    Figure out what your Traffic and Conversion requirements are, develop a baseline, and improve upon that baseline.

    Figure out what your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is.

    To manager we must measure. Are you measuring?

    Trying to make money with no money? It's going to take you longer.

    You can't depend on sites like fiverr for views. You have to develop your own traffic sources.

    Anything else is wishful thinking.
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    my advice: Do a deep niche research! find what you enjoy doing on the internet! start small, establish a good reputation, And take it from there! and most importantly don't give! the harder the battle the sweeter the victory!
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    Firstly, you should have PASSION. If you're only driven by money a.k.a money chaser, you won't be going anywhere. Even if English is not your native tongue as long as you can understand and write clearly, you can survive as the internet put us all in almost equal footing. Be diligent on your undertaking and make your business a priority 'numero uno'. Nowadays, it's never easy to make money online. Gone were the days when you put up a blog or website and money pours in. Competition nowadays is very stiff and almost all niches you can find are extremely saturated but if you can do things differently at any profitable niches, you can be a success but as we all know, it won't be overnight.

    So to start with, if you can able to get access with online payment processor the likes of Paypal, you'll considerably advance your pace and most importantly, arm yourself with essential knowledge. It's all really down to you how you spend your time and effort on these undertakings. Goodluck.
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    Yes my friend no problem, best way to make that money is to take action. Make a video reviewing a product from an affiliate site, send some targeted traffic and generate a sale. I hope that helps.
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    Bro if you want start to earn money 1st you start with small idea : working in fiverr and website for freelancer ( Graphic Design , Website Designer , Programmer , seo , get likes ... )
    And when you have money you start great idea and advertising money ... and you can earn +1k $ / month
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