Could you please suggest me some tips to optimize pages of our website ?

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I want to optimize my website's page, so let me know some tips of optimizing the industry pages..!
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    if your site is wordpress ..install the "Yoast" seo plugin and follow their advice.
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    That's quite a broad topic. Thousands of things could be optimized. One important thing is the loading speed of your website. Check out It analyses your site and explains how you can improve its speed.
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    Send some traffic and see what it does! From there make small changes to your content and photos and send more traffic.

    This hit me when I built a landing page and sent some traffic and did not get any response whatsoever. I then made a small change just simply changing an image and my opt in rate went from zero to over 50% and thats is when it hit me like a tone of rocks that everything needs to be optimize. I since then split test everything I do. Even my campaigns I build for traffic I split test
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    I agree with comment above….there are a ton of things that can be optimized.

    Did you want to optimize your site to rank higher in SEO, optimize the speed in which your page loads….it can go on and on.

    If you would be able to clarify a little, that would be great!
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    thank you guys for giving me such a precious information or suggestion,but I want to know the basic tips that what are the things that we should optimize..!!
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    Install Yoast SEO plugin. it helps you to optimize your website.
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