ClickFunnels Killing Warriors?

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Anyone here think this is true?

ClickFunnels is based on notion of finding a successful company/product and launching a very similar one yourself. (Basically copying) So in the end it becomes not who is original but who jumps in bigger (more ads, affiliates etc)

To make it even more challenging - ClickFunnels could track its users and the most successful ones would just get their products copied by the ClickFunnels company. All industries form monopolies so no reason why internet would not fall into this....look at Amazon.

Small entrepreneurs like Warriors could be killed by more successful companies just waiting for their good ideas to catch their eye
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    Small entrepreneurs like Warriors could be killed by more successful companies just waiting for their good ideas to catch their eye
    Competition is not new.

    You either learn how to make it work in the current circumstances or get a J.O.B.
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    People, including gurus like Rich Schefren, thought Agora would take over whole markets one by one, but they didn't. Agora learned they can't spread themselves too thin.

    Nothing to worry about really.
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    Competition is something we all have to adapt and deal with, it's what i believe is the most fun part about this industry as it causing use to expand your thinking and push yourself past your normal comfort zone.

    So ultimately this does not worry me at all.
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    They could do that, but I think they're making a killing selling shovels to the goldminers as opposed to mining gold themselves.
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    The owner of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson, has several multi-million dollar businesses (revenue, at least) so I don't think there will be much that Warriors here can do that might tempt him to copy or "kill" off anyone's business.

    Also, there will always be people who prefer a third party opinion before buying something, meaning the "little guy" can still make money by referring people as a trusted adviser/reviewer to an affiliate product.

    After all, look at how many large marketing companies rely on affiliates to drive them qualified and pre-sold traffic.

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    Originally Posted by coolbreeze View Post

    .look at Amazon.

    Look at Amazon.

    They can track page reads (think: Kindle unlimited).

    That means they have data on what kinds of books sell the best. Exactly where readers stop reading etc.

    You would think that they would hire a team of ghostwriters to simply write books based off of the data that they received through their patriot program.

    But they haven't... Yet.

    I suspect it's because there really are only so many hours in a day.

    If a company chased every single potential moneymaking opportunity they would expand faster than they have resources for.

    Additionally, it's more profitable for Amazon to simply be a marketplace to sell goods than it is to be the provider of goods.

    As far as I know, it's almost always better to be the marketplace than the provider.

    All that being said, Amazon has used its television data to create shows (though not nearly as successfully as Netflix has).

    So who knows, maybe someday they will bust out a team of ghostwriters, but for now they seem to be satisfied simply creating their own imprints, and I imagine using readership data to select the best authors to join those imprints, and then manipulating their own algorithms to launch those books to the top of their rankings list.

    I wouldn't worry too much about a business like click funnels stealing successful products. They would still need to hire staff to create them, they would still need to hire copywriters etc. etc.

    It's probably more profitable for them to focus on continually improving the click funnels tool (in a lot of ways, a marketplace in and of itself) then it would be to expand risk and potential overhead copying other people.
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    Online marketers were knocking-off businesses long before ClickFunnels came along.
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    Originally Posted by coolbreeze View Post

    Small entrepreneurs like Warriors could be killed by more successful companies just waiting for their good ideas to catch their eye
    The tech giants like Microsoft do work this way by either buying up companies or copying their IP and then fighting them in court where necessary.

    As for CF and Russell Brunson copying your products.

    The Funnel hacks approach would be to target the most successful and lucrative markets.

    If you have a highly successful system then you will always be a target.

    If you are a battling warrior you are not a target of copying however flattering it might seem.

    We are the fodder that feeds the machines to drive the systems.

    We are the coal.

    Dirty little rocks that occasionally power someone's BBQ.

    Is anyone going to bother to clone that?

    Kind regards,

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