what is the best place to save personal data inline

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i often forget my passwards and other things so i want to have a place where i can save my data like passwards ,emails ,phone no. .
recently i have lost all data in my mobile including phone numbers , pictures and other files.
what about fipdrive?.
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    I like to use Google photos, google docs and google drive for files.

    You can also use LastPass to save your passwords.
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      Google and all the tools they have are great. The best part is that you can synchronize them with all your devices and so, if one gets stolen or lost you won't be losing all your data.
      The same goes for when you get content ideas - you can save them easily.
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        LastPass is great for passwords. You can access it from any device with an internet connection. It has an auto fill function for passwords and for forms. You can set up several form profiles.

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