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I am searching for a program / service that does the following...

Someone signs up for a subscriptions ( a weekly or monthly ) via my webpage. The service then collects the payment via paypal. Then I can send them the 'list' & 'info.' they purchased to the subscribers EMAIL Address.

The list & info. would change weekly. So the service would have to keep track of the people & their email address who paid for a monthly vs. the weekly subscription.

I imagine this would be some sort of email service with paypal subscription integration like mailchimp or something... BUT I can't find it.

Again, the email list would change weekly depending on who subscribed / paid that week.

I know there HAS to be a ton of subscription services out there that do this kind of thing - and make it easy!
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    JV ZOO - set up product as 2 products (one weekly and one monthly.

    AWeber - integrated so member is automatically signed up upon purchase.

    Manage the lists within aweber.

    If you are using the right membership plugin on something like wordpress, it can detect when someone has not paid or cancelled and can block access to the site.

    Removal from the list for non payment if you are delivering the newsletter in aweber may have to be done manually.

    If you are linking the best content into a members area on a site you control, they will get an email that a new newsletter is available, but won't be able to log into members area if they've not paid.

    That's one way to set it up.

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    So the service would have to keep track of the people & their email address who paid for a monthly vs. the weekly subscription.
    I think you can do this with OptimizeMember.
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    I think whoever you use, paypal, clickbank or Jvzoo. You'll need to handling the list management with the IPN (Instant Payment Notification). each one of these vendors will send you an IPN informing you of purchases, cancellations, and end of subscription notifications..

    If you program in .net - I would suggest using ones a pre-built IPN Control to make it easier for you.

    You can take a look at these: IPN Controls - Your Source for IPN Contols in .NET
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    I think you can use Amember or lookalike amember plugin or service.
    it's not so hard.
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    You can try s2member, is free.
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