Does anyone know how I could do this?

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Hey Guys,

Basically I am looking for something that might not exist (but I am CONVINCED I saw something similar a while back)...

Is there some kind of WordPress developer plugin that would allow me to add a saimple video page to peoples site?

So they would download and activate the plugin, then I (on my end) would be able to update what appears on the plugin page on their end. (does this make sense?)

I just want to have a downloadable video course plugin, but one I would be able to update on my end of things, like to update videos etc....

I do know that I could get one coded for me, but I am SURE I have saw something like this for, as a WSO or something....

If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it!



Forum Admins: I kinda already know this should be in the WordPress section, but the questions there NEVER seem to get any responses, if you could just let me get a few answers before you move it, I would be SUPER grateful!
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