is that normal for a blog bounce rate , daily page view , etc decrease suddenly?

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is a " sign " ????? that you need to do something?
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    Hi Devilfish168

    It depends on how you were driving traffic

    1. Organic traffic - reason could be loss of SERP rank for several keywords following any algorithmic change

    2.Paid marketing : Site doesnt show up in ads , Reason - running out of budget ,

    3. Other misc factors such as site had server issues , and didnt propagate properly

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    is a " sign " ????? that you need to do something?
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    ok I will keep monitor.

    because so far over previous months...bounce rate consider ok average 60 like that

    I happen to read a blog which they stated bounce rate typical average rating is range from 40 to 60++
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    You need to drill around and find out why if you don't see it. Thats where having webmaster tools and analytics installed is good. You can see what google see's and what they are doing with your site.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Do you have any form of analytic tools installed for the site? If yes, that will help you figure out what the cause is.

    Apart from the suggestions from other warriors, did you in any way engage any backlinking service for the site? If yes, google may have discovered and the site penalised and when this occurs, you will lose your rankings
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    It seems one or more of your traffic sources is not yielding traffic anymore.This traffic source probably had a low bounce rate and your remaining traffic sources probably have a high bounce rate.

    This could account for the sudden changes.
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