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Hey guys! Just a quick question about splash pages. I'm working on a splash page for a product I'm promoting. The product it self has an awesome sales page in my opinion but I'd like to capture my visitors emails so I'm gonna just have a form to sign up to my newsletter.

What are the guidelines for using content from the sales page? I know that it should be congruent with what I'm promoting but I'm wondering if it'll be ok to use their video as well? I don't want to infringe upon any sort of something. I don't see how its different from sharing their video on social media and I'm going to be launching a PPC campaign promoting their product but I just want to be sure its ok.

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    If it's not already addressed in the affiliate materials or terms of use that you agreed to, you should ask the vendor.

    Some will allow you to use anything as long as it's to promote their products. Others will specify that some material can be used but others can not. Some will not allow you to use anything from the salespage and will not allow you to make your page resemble theirs in anyway.

    You need to go to the vendor and/or network (if any) and find out from the source.
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    that makes perfect sense thank you!
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    Here is a little trick that works really well , on the download page have some other mystery offer for free to download just for signing up for the newsletter

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    You need to ask them directly, however, I've never once found it to be a problem and I've been doing landing pages for over 9 years.

    Most (if not all) will be OK with it since you are promoting their product.
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