A small milestone......making progress!

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I know this isn't a big deal, but a milestone nonetheless. I've gotten a few of my pages to get on the front page in google for exact search keywords, but I finally did it for a broad search......it's at #9, but it's on the front page, so I'm making progress!

The thing that's motivating me here is that I'm seeing actual PROOF that this IM stuff is possible. If my link is on the front page, then people will look at my content, a percentage will click-through, then a percentage of that will BUY!

So it's time to build some backlinks and shoot that puppy to #1, then repeat, repeat, repeat!

Hope this gives a little encouragement to anybody who hasn't taken action yet......get crackin and you will see results!

Hope to report back soon with my first sales, good luck everyone!

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    Congratulations that is awesome news!! Keep up the great work and I hope the sales start pouring in.

    I love marketing and technology...
    I am hear to help anyone that is looking to make money online.
    Please private message me if you are looking for a mentor or just have some questions.

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    Congratulations Jon!

    I've been testing several methods in the past few weeks, and I'm confident I'll strike it this time! Wish both of us luck!

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    NewBum - Congratulations!!! I had the same thing happen this week. I had no idea why my traffic jumped for a post I had written on my blog. It was not one that I had done much SEO on or even worked to promote very well but hits kept coming yesterday. It showed up at #6 on the front page of Google for the phrase Stock Market Prediction. You can check it out at my blog, (still new so can't post a direct link to it) or go to askthewealthsquad DOT com/blog/stock-market-prediction-year-2009/

    My blog is only about 3 months old too so was very impressed to be there so quickly.

    Keep up the good work!!
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    Originally Posted by threatlevelorange View Post

    congrats! How long did it take ya?
    About a week and a half. I did it by creating a linkwheel (look up lemonarian if you haven't heard of that).

    Funny thing is, it wasn't my center page from that linkwheel that did it (a squidoo page), it was one of the "spokes", a page on hubpages. I'm guessing if I give it a little more time I'll see the squidoo one up there too.
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      Congratulations It feels so good to see the fruits of our labour. The traffic and sales will come now
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    Originally Posted by newBum76 View Post

    I know this isn't a big deal
    Dude... that can mean if you make money or none at all. It is a big deal.


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    Don't forget to track the conversion etc. Use Google Analytics or StatsCounter
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    Well done. The rewards for from building back links can sometimes come so slowly that it seems that your not actually achieving anything despite all the time that you put in. However, if you persevere there is nothing more rewarding that watching your site leapfrogging it's way up the front page and starting to making sales from your target keyword.

    I target non-competitive keywords with lowish traffic volumes and the sales start coming in when I hit number 5 on the first page.

    Anyway, it works! Just keep going.


    Not trying to sell you anything :-)

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    Grats! It always motivating to get some real proof that what ever you do is working! I am having some great results myself at the moment as I now have 20+ keywords on frontpage including 2 at #1! It took some hard work to get them there, but they do give me some good traffic now. Just keep going, and success will find you:-)
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      yes, it's those little things that build momentum. Watching the numbers steadily creek up, makes it fun work from your computer. Makes you think, what could I do today to grow this business so tomorrow im even more excited and motivated. Awesome job, from a fellow Washingtonian.

      Be who you want to become, every second of every day. Make it true!

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    That's impressive, you motivated me to work on my linkwheel after seeing some not so great reports!

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    well done, keep at it! Let's hear about your first sale too!
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    Keep up the good work - and of course, never give up - 'cause that is when you truly fail, as long as you're trying, you're winning.
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    Thanks for all the encouragement everybody!

    I have indeed made my first sale now. Oddly enough though it wasn't through the page that I talked about in this thread. I'm gonna have to look through the stats and figure out what did it.

    The important thing though, is that this IS possible!

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    SEO is one of the most difficult things to master, congratulations, if you can share your tips that will be really great.
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