IM newbie - looking for advice.

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Hey guys,

I am a complete IM newbie. However, because I feel there is so much power on the internet I recently left my job to focus solely on IM. I have calculated that I have about 3-4 months of funds to keep me going, but if I can't make any money in that time then it's back to the drawing board for me!

Anyway I'm looking for some advice to get started. There is so much awesome info here that it's hard to know what to do first! I'm willing to put the hard work in, but I don't want to go gung ho buying things that I have no idea how to use! Or even what they are for! (I have been tempted though by you very persuasive Im'ers!)

If there is anything in particular that you think I should read, any threads that I should check out, then I would greatly appreciate that. I will use the search function to find more threads for newbies, but I just wanted to get my first post out of the way and to say hi!

Thanks for anybody who reads this and I look forwad to contributing.

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    Welcome to the Warrior forum Conner.

    My advice is to read, read, and read some more.

    This place is packed with knowledge, most of it good but be warned, some of it is downright garbage.

    Another bit of advice is to keep your credit card locked up until you know what direction you would like to go.

    Anyways, have fun!

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      Thanks Kevin!

      I totally agree, I really want to buy everything at the moment...that's the power of marketing I guess! Thanks for the advice.

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    Hey Conner, welcome to WF.

    Your right not to jump in head first buying things left, right and center, especially if your on a budget without a job. You will find a lot of free information floating around on WF, you can also grab a free copy of my free affiliate start up guide from the link in my signature.

    If you need any help or advice, feel free to drop me a message here and I will happily take you through some of the basics.
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      Wow, thanks Michael!

      Checking out your report now.

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    Welcome to the forums. You might not like my answer here but here goes anyway. I don't think that it is a good idea for you to quit your job and just go after marketing online. If you haven't made a penny online yet you are putting way too much pressure on yourself.

    Everyone I know that has made it big online did so by starting out part time and than when they could they quit their job. I'm not saying that you can't do it, but you are taking a very big leap by not having a steady income while you try and start your online business.

    I do wish you the best of luck and here is some recommendations for you. You need to find a total blueprint to whatever type of marketing you want to do. Whether that be PPC, CPA, Infoproducts, Adsense, etc.

    There is a lot of information out there and most people get so caught up in this information that they don't know where to start. Pick one thing and focus on it. Once you start making money do it over and over again. Online marketing is pretty simple when you boil it down. I just see so many people that buy course after course looking for the next thing.

    Pick up one thing and start working your butt off. Now you just need to make sure you get the right stuff. If you need any help let me know and I can see what I can do for you.

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    Hi Ryan,

    I understand and completely agree with your advice. I've been toying with the idea of leaving my job for while now, and I have just been waiting for the opportunity to do so. I started reading about IM a few months ago, but I never implemented anything until I started Ed Dale's 30dc and the beginning of this month.

    I have actually made a couple of dollar's going through Ed's program simply promoting amazon products. His program is coming to an end soon, and I'm looking to know where to go next.

    I know it sounds like a big risk - quitting your job to learn about IM. But it's one that I was willing to make. And just in case it doesn't work out for me, I can always go back to my job!

    Thanks for your advice though...I'm looking forward to the journey!

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    Hey Conner...

    What Ryan said was right... but there are 2 ways of looking at it

    The first is that you need some sort of security which is a very sensible way of looking at it.

    The second is the well known psychological fact that you perform best when your back is against the wall... when your only option is to survive and succeed.. you WILL succeed.

    So good on you for taking the plunge and hope it goes well for you. There IS money to be made and you sound like someone whos willing to put the effort in and do the work.. so well done.

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    You need to buy about 2 things.

    First and foremost, pay for and join the War Room. It's a tad under $40. If you can "win" a space for the War Room from the thread with the War Room contest, so much the better. But, however you do it join the War Room.

    Second, get hosting, I don't know about where you are but from our end you can get a reseller's reseller (different from a reseller) from eBay for free for one month. This is just to practice setting up blogs and web sites. Practice, practice, practice. It comes with all the videos you will need for free, to learn how to do everything. Or if you don't want the 20 a month payment find another hosting account on ebay, for as little as $4 a month. If your hosting account is not paying for it's self or you can't afford it after one month just cancel it. No harm no foul. However, if you pay attention in the War Room you will be able to pay for it.

    Optional, get a free message board from and start a forum about your adventures. I think this is better than a blog although it won't be as SE friendly. You can also do a blog with your hosting account.

    Have a goal to have at least 10 websites up with something for sale on them in your first month. Don't worry about SEO yet just get the sites up. If you don't have anything to sell PM me and I'll give you 10 things to sell. Again this is practice, and who knows you might actually sell something. (you can't PM now but don't worry just keep making quality posts and you will have your count up fast.)

    To Be Continued,
    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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      I would have to respectfully disagree with George.

      You don't need a reseller hosting acct. That is geared for people who want to sell hosting packages/ websites. A regular baby acct at hostgator is all you will need for your own sites.

      Nor do I think you should just create 10 sites without learning some basic SEO and traffic generation.

      It doesn't do you any good to have a something for sale if nobody can find you. Plus, for motivation purposes, you want to start getting some sales under your belt sooner rather than later.

      Also, you need to promote products that are actually selling. If you promote items that people are buying...and you get them to your site, you will make sales.

      The best thing I can do is point you to fellow warrior Casey Gentles' Free course. It is excellent.

      I'll have to dig up the URL. I posted it in another thread so I'll come back and edit this post and past it when I find it


      Found the link to his main is the course called the Newbies Fast Cash Guide

      Also, Bryan Zimmerman has really good stuff for newbies. He is here on the forum as well
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        Welcome! I would say another freebie that you can use has some giveaway ebooks and a squeeze page is the free software program in my sig as well. Feel free to download it and use it to get started. It is an opt in list so I wanted to state that first, you do not have to stay as a subscriber, but I will be giving away a fair amount of free items in my messages. There is nothing bad about The programs I have are recent and not garbola..good luck

        ps another place to get good items I found was and you can browse before you join!...very cool

        "In order to get a mental picture..You must first put film in the camera.." Jim Hudson
        Learn how to cloak affiliate links for Facebook for FREE Plus More!

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        EDIT: Conner, Congratulations, I see you joined the War Room. WAY to go!

        Originally Posted by Mark-Dickenson View Post

        I would have to respectfully disagree with George.
        I knew many if not all would. And I don't blame you.

        However, If you do what I say, it won't cost you anything but $40 for the War Room and that is an investment in you. You can spend years asking questions and researching and you won't find anything near the value of the War Room. You see, the Great Minds of the Warrior forum let their hair down in there without fear of being "shot down." And when they let their hair down real money making ideas are given away. Big players try to do that out here in the main forum and they are met with jealous suspicion (how dare you market to me!). In the war room such ungrateful action is not tolerated. Out here in the main area there is a lot of "WHY?" In the War Room there is a lot of "WHY NOT?" Don't get me wrong, this main forum is a wonderful starting point and one could succeed with this alone. The War Room will put you into warp speed if you let it.

        There are two reports in the War Room by Allen Says that are worth 100 times the cost of the war room. And those two reports are only a minute fraction of the information in there.

        The reseller account suggestion was because it comes with the first month free. Costs nothing. If it's not making you at least the monthly fee drop it if you can't hold on to it. And not to be facetious, if you can't pay the fee for it after a month, go back to your day job and do IM part time til you "get it." Personally I think you will "get it."

        It never ceases to amaze me how many Warriors are here for a few months and learn a lot about Article Marketing, SEO, you name it and then come to the main forum tearing their hair out asking simple html, Word Press or other website questions. The one month practice with cPanel solves that problem.

        The products I was offering are for the most part GREAT SELLERS. However, again, the 10 sites up suggestion was another "learn by doing" exercise. After uploading 10 sites you will know how. When you run into problems you can ask questions. If you don't run into problems early on you won't know what questions to ask. You will get near the time to make some money then you will have to ask all the questions. The questions WILL be asked, sooner or later. Better Sooner. When you are ready to launch your first product you will know how to at least upload it and start taking orders.

        Wow, this was long, so I'll summarise.

        1. Join the War Room √
        2. Get hosting and practice building sites ?
        3. Get some real products to sell. (I'll give you some) √
        4. In other words. Learn by doing. √

        George Wright
        "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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    I believe the quickest and safest way to make money online is to have a couch or guru, preferably someone WELL KNOWN and just copy what they are doing.

    A couching program is good, provided they HOW YOU STEP BY STEP and you an contact them after the course has ended.

    Do not over complicate anything.

    Making money is simple if you understand the simple basic principles.

    1. You need to build a list and one that trust YOU.

    2. You need to give your list lots of free and value content. Email you list every few weeks to keep them responsive.

    3. When you have approxamatly 3000 on your list send them some affiliate link products, DO NOT SEND ANYONE something that you would not use or thing would be of value!

    4. Watch the money come rolling in.

    hope this helps

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      You recently left your job to focus solely on IM.

      You have about 3-4 months of funds to keep going.

      You should not have left your job when you are a newbie.

      Though people make lot of money online, the success rate is very low.

      You can do internet marketing part-time, there is no need to quit job for it.

      My advise will be, to spend 1 month on internet marketing and if you find success continue it, otherwise go for a new job.

      I am not scaring you, just stating the reality.

      Good luck.
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    You are going to do just great - well, you're Irish aren't you?

    My little bit of advice (for what it is worth) is to find a method that appeals to you, look for free stuff to learn about that method - then have a go at implementing it.

    Most things you need to know can be found for free.

    The best thing I have seen recently is the Casey Gentles free ebook.

    Article Marketing Secrets Revealed- Make $4000+ Per Month

    Good Luck from Roscommon


    Never Mistake Activity for Accomplishment

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    Fantastic, thank you everybody for your wonderful advice. I've downloaded the reports and I am going to implement immediately...thanks again!

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    I also have used casey gentles report (Fast cash for Newbies) and it is an excellent report. You won't be disappointed.
    May Success Overtake You!
    My smartphone Pays Me
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      Hey Warriors,

      What's up guys?

      I am really overwhelmed and happy to know that I can be of help!

      To the Op

      All I would like to say is that you should first

      1. Find a proven plan
      2. Stick to it and make it successful
      3. Grow Grow Grow

      All the best to everyone

      Casey (yesacpow)
      FREE Step-By-Step Blueprint To Make $1000/Month With YouTube - Even Without Being On Camera!
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    In my opinion,You quitting your job might turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

    Too many people but guides, try half hearted ventures and quit. Now, that you have no alternative-You are bound to succeed- take my word for it.

    Start with this section first :
    free make money online section... dang.. cant post the link due to my post limit
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    My advice to you is read a LOT. Learn and try to apply what is free. I wouldn't absolutely not bother with PPC, since if
    you are new you would just loose more money than you would make.

    Go on Clickbank. Pick some average gravity products that make sens to you. Use free campaign techniques using Web 2.0 sites.

    Write a least 3 articles a day for ezine directories for each of your products.

    Create backlinks by doing Linkwheels, which is linking each site to the next, and all of them to your product page.

    Make sure you buy at least one domain and create a nice professional looking Wordpress blog linked to that domain.

    These are some basics, yet important things you should do.
    I make over $2,000/week doing this...
    Come and follow my steps for FREE!
    Persuasive Article Marketing
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    Hi everybody,

    Just want to say thanks to all for the great advice. I made my first internet marketing purchase the other day - entry to the war room - I've spent lots of time in there!

    Anyway a quick update - I have set up 4 websites with WP blogs, in what I think are small niche's. I am following Casey's blueprint at the moment which I think is great. Although, I am feeling the affects of writing so many articles!

    Well that's it from me, I'm going to get some sleep. Thanks again guys. Take care,

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    Originally Posted by irishrover View Post

    Hey guys,

    I am a complete IM newbie. However, because I feel there is so much power on the internet I recently left my job to focus solely on IM. I have calculated that I have about 3-4 months of funds to keep me going, but if I can't make any money in that time then it's back to the drawing board for me!

    Anyway I'm looking for some advice to get started. There is so much awesome info here that it's hard to know what to do first! I'm willing to put the hard work in, but I don't want to go gung ho buying things that I have no idea how to use! Or even what they are for! (I have been tempted though by you very persuasive Im'ers!)

    If there is anything in particular that you think I should read, any threads that I should check out, then I would greatly appreciate that. I will use the search function to find more threads for newbies, but I just wanted to get my first post out of the way and to say hi!

    Thanks for anybody who reads this and I look forwad to contributing.

    You can check out blogs written by famous Warrior Members here. Just search for their names on google and you should have no problem finding them.

    Another thing to decide is your strategy. You can start of with something as simple as article marketing promoting clickbank product (free method - recommended for newbies) or the more adventurous PPC world (not for newbie's with low cash flow).
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    i recommend you check out the "30DC - thirty day challenge"
    it is a free course designed to teach you how to get started and make your first $1 online
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    Hi Conner,

    Welcome to internet marketing world. Glad to see that you are taking action on stuff. If you continue to do that you will succeed. Now don't go and buy every ebook and course like we all did at the beginning.

    Buy something when you think it will move your business forward..
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    Hi Conner,

    Welcome to the warrior forum. I am from Ireland too but living over in Boston. You are certainly found the right place if you are interested in IM. I joined a few months ago and the amount of information I have found on here is amazing.

    It is only recently that I have figured out my own "blueprint". I did that through a lot of trial and error and deciding what works best for me and I certainly had many "mini-blueprints" along the way.

    I hope that you find your way quickly!

    Good Luck,

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    This is the right place for newbie as I'm also the newbie in IM. I start froim article marketing. Get a product from click bank, e-bay or any affiliate market. Remember choose the middle range of gravity, if it's too high it mean too competative, it's difficult for newbie.

    Then, do some keyword research,follow by writting articles for the keyword, you may outsource for eople to write articles or write by yourself, post them to famous articles directories like squidoo, articles base, ehow and others directories and link to back to your main site.

    Instead of that, back link services whch can help your site stand at first page of SEO and helps you to draw traffic. what I'm writting you may be confuse, you can find kok choon warrior and read for his thread, it will be more clear and understanding. It really usefull for newbie. Thanks and welcome to our family!
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      Hi Conner,

      The other thing I found useful (ha! listen to him...only 2 months in himself!!) was to head to a workshop given by Lee McIntyre in Manchester a couple of weeks ago.

      Lee got his big start here on the Forum so he has seen a lot of it before. The session was good for me in two ways. It got me up to speed quickly on all the various techniques but it also let me meet a load of other UK based IM-ers. I though that was good actually get to talk to folks who have been successful as well as a load of starters (like me!)

      I'd say it might be worth finding a session like that if you can. I know there's one in London for around 100 quid at the end of September and Lee may be doing another later on this year.

      Good luck


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    Hi Conner,

    I think without a doubt would be to go and get yourself a copy of Casey Gentles work, any of them will be fine. There is a great 30 program and a Newbies guide as well, you won't go wrong.

    It is straight the point and will give you a good track to go and follow, and don't flip flop from the old to the new, the worst thing you can do in IM is go for the new shiny, is tempting and you will stray, but get back to where you were and put your head down and do the work and you will do fine.

    Best of Luck
    $3.00 Per 400 Word Quality Articles - Copyscape Passed. Quick 24HR Turnaround. Ezine Accepted-Sample Available
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    Welcome to the club,

    READ! READ! READ! This is a good start learn as much as you can from other people that have tried. Keep an open mind. You will go far from there.

    Best of luck
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    • Profile picture of the author Formulam
      Hi Connor

      How's it going? I'm a newbie too, joined about the same time as you and following the advice given to you I am also following Casey Gentiles methods. HOWEVER..... you have done the right thing in leaving your job and going for it (presuming that you're not going to land yourself or your family in serious debt over it) because you have got loads done... and I've only just finished the keyword research in one niche because I work full time and I'm a mum and wife too!

      Good on ya for going for it - if you ever come to NZ, I'll buy you a beer!

      Cheers, Lala
      It took me a WHOLE YEAR before I found what worked for me.
      If it hadn't worked I'd have got double my money back!
      Click here for my no B-S review and judge for yourself!
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    Hi irishover,

    The basic framework of IM is to build a following and get a database for you to email to.

    If you want steps, I would recommend this.
    1. Use Facebook to create a group for following.
    2. Build your website by purchasing domain, hosting, blog and autoresponder.
    3. Establish Paypal Payment buttons in your website
    4. Establish Analytics to track your website traffic and returns.
    5. Message all your facebook members to visit your website
    6. Monitor the traffic
    7. Improve your sales pages.

    Hope this helps, and you can visit my blog on series for Marketing online on my sig file below. Cheers.
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    Cortez burnt all of his ships when he reach the new country to encourage his men to work towards being successful in their new venture. Looks like you have done the same.

    Good luck my friend and stay thirsty.

    "Free Keyword Builder that has produced Millions of Dollars."

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  • Profile picture of the author Vincent Cheng
    I forgot to mention, blogs will show the human side for your IM projects and also to establish credibility for your IM projects, autoresponder is for sequential tips and newsletter sign ups after the sign up and also analytics will help you track your traffic and improvise the channels.
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    Hi Irish, I sincerely believe that you made brave move for quitting your job there. I noticed you said you making 4 blogs already. Did you plan for adsense hunting or affiliate marketing with it? Whatever it is, will take more than 3-4 months to harvest.

    I have to mention, that there are plenty of free ways to earn cash online. Off course it won't be much, but at least it will help with monthly cash flow.

    Applying freelance job plus doing some "get paid to" program will do wonder.
    For example, get paid to post in forums, and get paid to click in aurora ptc sites, will give you minimum $100 a month. I know it probably not enough to you, but it's free money. You won't need to spend a dime for it.
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    My advice to you is not to have too many websites up and running, we all should know that you could have the best and most professional website on the net, but that is not going to do you any good if no one knows they are there. And to have websites does cost you a price, so if you are on a budget and do not just want to throw away money then you need to start small and work your way in and up. If you feel comfortable leaving your job that's fine but l would not recommend that at all sorry. And promoting a website takes time effort and lots of hard work. It is not that easy out there and there is no quick fix to making lots of money, why is that, because everyone is trying to do the same thing. Hope this helps and does not deter you, and your credit card should not be used so easily there are a lot of sharks out beware!
    P.S. I forgot to mention l am also a newbie but am always reluctant using my credit card online. And l take a lot of care when studying different types of products. Just be careful.
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  • Profile picture of the author johnbro
    I also agree that many websites at this point is not necessary. Rather put your effort in building a list, 'the money is really in the list'.
    Be disciplined in your daily activities, allotting specific time for learning and action both.

    Yes, it is possible to make it in 3-4 months time if you put in the effort and work hard smartly.

    The fact that you have quit your job should itself be an unstoppable driving force for you.

    This is only for 'Broke Students' No purchase/optin required >> Free Fast Affiliate Marketing Success Guide

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    I am also new in this forum (joined this morning) but have been doing IM for some time. My advice is to concentrate on one thing at a time, it is so easy to get distracted by the mass of information available! Pick one way of marketing and learn all you can about it, work out a strategy around that and follow it for at least a month.
    It is happening at Sign up for my
    FREE Ezine, "YES, You Can Make Money Online"
    Free BacklinkSearch Engine
    No Hype, No Spam, Just The Truth
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  • Profile picture of the author Adam Carn
    A fellow Warrior Dan C. Rinnert just released a guide for IM newbies which I recommend. You may PM him.

    Taking a break...
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    • Profile picture of the author MissEvonne
      Yes I would have to agree, pick 1 maybe 2 things to promote when you are starting out. 10 is way too many, you won't be able to focus. It's better to be great at 1 or 2 things than mediocre at 10 things.
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  • Profile picture of the author LegitBlogger
    I can't help NOT sharing this, ...

    A helpful tip - use the search feature in this forum
    as your Google. Go to it and type whatever you want to
    learn about and it will pop up tons of great and helpful
    threads on the subject for your "learning" pleasure,

    You will be amazed at the incredible amount of "learning"
    that is in this forum for free!
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