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I have opted out of internet marketing for a couple of years now but am ready to put my toes back into the water. I currently have multiple websites on saving money that I want to consolidate. I have one blog that has been around for a number of years that has never ranked. I have a static site that has been around for over 10 years that at one time ranked on the first page of Google -- until Google's first algorithm change. Then it simply disappeared into cyberspace. ( I believe Google punished me for having all my sites linked.) The static site has my keyword in it. The blog does not. Of course, I would redo the static site into a dynamic site, if that is the way I go.

What I want to know is if I should stay with the blog I currently have and try to get it to rank or should I rebuild the old static site and try to get it to rank. The blog's URL is more generic and so I could take a few more liberties in content. The other URL is more specific. I am seeing that in order to rank highly, the URL name doesn't really seem to matter anymore. High ranking sites with my keywords do not have the keywords in their URL's. I have extensive content on all my sites, so I could end up with one site that has well over 300 pages.

I would appreciate any suggestions you might have to help me resolve this dilemma.
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    You know that really depends...

    If your blog is all hand written with good blogs or articles and not copied from PLR articles, then you should be able to get your blog to rank.

    Google likes fresh content not copied and pasted PLR articles into your blog post.

    Do a quick search on google to see how "saving money" sites are racking and how many of them are around.
    And also do a search in Google adwords using the keyword planner tool.

    If there are a lot you might want to target longer tail key words to your Blog titles and content.

    I'm not sure how you would be making money with this blog unless you are promoting affiliate products on that topic or maybe your own products.

    But as long as you give google what it wants and make sure people are searching for the topics you are writing about you should be ok.

    Hope this helps...

    Ronnie Rokk Smith ~ The Faceless Guru
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      Thanks. I really appreciate your advice. All of my content is original. My biggest job going either way is to do SEO on each and every post. The lack of SEO on my blog is probably why it has never ranked even though the content is excellent. At one point with all my different "save money" sites, I was bringing in around $1000/mo. with nothing more than affiliate marketing. I'd be happy with half that much today. I'm retired, so this is more a way to keep me busy than to make money. I just don't want to waste my time. I'd like to know that people actually read what I write.

      Saving Lady

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        If your blog is that URL in your signature you have an infected site, it is malicious. Either you are trying to screw people up out of boredom or you have mismanaged your site and it is infected-you won't get it to rank until you clean up your act.

        The whole basis of what we do as human beings is based on Communication, nothing would be possible otherwise. I work with communication, publishing on the Web, digital media.
        Digital Media for a Noisy World

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    It is a good practice to have keywords in the URL as it is one of the ranking factors for your website and blog. And having good content in your website is an added advantage for you.
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    The only real way to get a factual answer to your question is to test both options and see which works best. Otherwise, you're just guessing.

    For any low-quality back-links on the old site, ask website-owners to remove them, and if they don't, use the Google Disavow tool.

    Make sure your sites are Responsive, i.e. can be read easily on any screen size. The easiest way to do this is to use WordPress, and a Responsive Theme (or Plugin), and WordPress makes it easy to do many other SEO improvements with free Plugins, too.

    Testing, and SEO, are not trendy, "hot", topics, but they will make you great money in the long-term, if you do them right. One of the keys to success in IM is to understand that it's a process . . . even the experts continually test things and improve them, because even they can't know what will work best, so they test it, rather than assuming they know, try one option, and think they've "failed". Every time you test something, you've learned something (even if just what not to do next time!).

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