Does PLR/MRR products working now for your own selling?

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I have a query regarding MRR/PLR products. I think here many of you have tried selling PLR/MRR products as their own as these products comes up with everything (sales pages, videos etc..), so very easy to start selling these products... so my question is: Is this still working now? I mean you've any success selling these MRR products?

Or do you suggest me to create myself quality products and go ahead?

Which one from above is better? Please suggest me.
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    If plr is used as a resource it can be quite useful, the problem is most people just post it as is and then wonder why they fail


    “To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions.”
    – Benjamin Franklin

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    The thing is that it is easy to get up and running with these products but ultimately the websites will be very hard to rank so you will have to drive your own traffic to them.

    Also if anyone searches for that product to do some research before purchasing rather than just buying right away they will likely find others selling it cheaper or even giving it away for free (usually email submit).

    It can be ok for getting a small amount of easy money but I doubt it is a plan to get rich off of.

    In my opinion you would be more likely to make decent money off of a unique product whether it is a high price high value product or a low quality low value product. By creating and selling your own products you are building a brand, hopefully creating a long term business with customers that come back time and again.

    I think a lot of people are looking for that quick easy cash and forget about creating a business that can result in long term cash.
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    There are many people that have great success selling PLR but you need to make sure that A. It's good quality as all PLR is not created equal some of it is just utter garbage so do your research a really good source I use is HQ PLR STORE but there are many more to choose. B. Make sure you rebrand it as your own so change the cover, product name, put your name on it and if you know enough about the subject try and add to it with your own knowledge.

    Main rule of thumb if it's something you would pay for the chances are other people will too

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    I sell PLR and my own products to clients on once a month basis , my first time i put up a PLR web site and the e-book that came with it and made 27K in 3 weeks

    There is one word that never gets used as much as it should and that is TEST you have to do this all the time and never stop , I would just put up the site and maybe a short video on YT don't get to into the SEO just find another like yours and use the words they have so you will get traffic and be a good guide to test

    Just go into the project not wanting to much and if make some $$ nice , so just go out there and have fun

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    I would say 95% of those MRR / PLR are crappy low quality content. You may make few bucks here and there by resell them to newbies.

    Most people who try to learn IM will join membership and have hundreds of those crap sitting on their hard drive and collecting dust.

    I preferred sell something else, to me it is waste of time.
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    My shop still sells plr 7 years after I created it and I am adding new content all the time... Its a great business but its not an easy business and it is flooded with a lot of crap
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    As someone above said " they come with everything (sales pages, videos etc..), so very easy to start selling".

    I agree with others in this thread that there is so much low quality out there.

    That's why I let potential buyers of my video courses (with PLR rights) check out the first 2 videos of each course prior to deciding to purchase.
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