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Hi Warriors...

Just want to know if there are any experienced successful eBay sellers out there that have ever used a *fulfillment center* for the shipping out to customer process...besides Amazon FBA...but if FBA hows it working for you?

I ask because I want to streamline my eBay sales with as much automation as possible including the shipping to customer.

PS: It would help people with bad experiences too...so that I can look at the whole picture?

Thanks guys John.
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    You'll probably have better luck with this question on the ecommerce & dropshipping forum:

    eCommerce Sites, Wholesaling & Drop Shipping
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    I can't speak to amazon FBA, but I have done some amazon used, and ebay sales. I usually just mark up the price to include FREE shipping to the customer. So they are paying for it anyway. But free shipping looks better on the offer.

    Then I ship ground, usually 5-7 day arrival time. And I'm not sure if this works in the UK. But if I have the item in my possession, often I don't even go to the post office. I print a label from home online, and the post office just picks it up for free at my doorstep. This saves me the hassle of making a trip to ship it.

    Also, I have a way to get local buyers to just pick it up. I tell them this saves shipping costs. And it works for many customers. They come by my house or work place.

    And, I find a lot of success selling in facebook groups (use gumtree if in UK). Often I get more profit than I would for the same item than posting it on Amazon or ebay.
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