I want to start a real IM Business !

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I want to start a real IM Business, but I don't know from where I should start, and which type of business to build, I don't want to be spoon-fed, I just want some advices and some guidance. I'm a hard worker, and full-time free, I have little money to invest (+400$). I want to see some good results in less than 6 months of hard work. What should I do ? Which way should I take ?
Thanks in advance !
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    Start in a niche that you are glad to stick.... and create a list of subscribers by offering them a free product ( product targeted to your niche, example PLR )

    After that send broadcasts and sell affiliate products
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    Sit down and think about what you are REALLY good at, your strengths or strength. Than think about how you can use that skill to help teach others and build a business around that.
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    You may want to consider starting an FBA business - selling physical items on Amazon. It is the best step I ever took since I started making money online.

    You should at least look into it so you learn your options.
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      Originally Posted by DWaters View Post

      You may want to consider starting an FBA business - selling physical items on Amazon. It is the best step I ever took since I started making money online.

      You should at least look into it so you learn your options.
      While I do generally believe ecommerce is the way to go, I'm not sure a $400 budget will allow the OP to achieve success due to the initial cost of goods.

      Without knowing more about the OP it's tough to say. But, I think due to the budget, he's probably better off with affiliate marketing and/or product creation.

      What I would personally do is build up a site and blog under a brandable domain name. It would be in a niche that I knew a lot about or could research and know fairly quickly. An example of a market with many subniches that are easy to learn about would be fitness. After all, there are rarely any groundbreaking exercises or methods so it's easy to research things like "best chest exercises" and regurgitate it in your own words and with your own twist.

      When I found my niche, I would build it around email marketing and affiliate links within the site for monetization. As it made money, I would invest that money into transitioning from an affiliate site to a branded product site. At this point, you would have a list and probably some decent traffic to launch your own brand to.
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    Do some research around here. Formulate a Plan and get to work. Go back and study a few Threads by Steve B, John Mccabe, and Tom Addams. That's a good start

    - Robert Andrew

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    Since you have pretty limited budget I would advise either as already mentioned your own website or blog with some products you can sell to people or also freelancing. Try Upwork or something similar and see how it goes. With some research and free time you can earn pretty solid money also there.
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    Find a niche that you're interested in and search for good affiliate offers in that niche. Go on fiverr and find a provider to do keyword research for you with some of the advanced tools like market samurai.

    Build your website and write helpful content, provide value, add affiliate offers here and there. And of course, you need a lead magnet and autoresponder to build a list.

    You can spend between $100 and $200 to get a website based on a template and invest the rest in paid advertising like Adwords, FB ads or pay a writer to write few articles.
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    there are many solid methods here to make money online.

    at the end of the day, you send targeted traffic to content that provides value and products that add on to that value, my favorite way to convert is through a funnel.

    get people into your funnel, send them content that can help them and offer them products that can add.

    whatever you do...

    dont spread yourself too thin with too many sites and too many methods.

    dont do things half a$$ed, put forth the effort

    dont fall for MLM, sorry just got off a thread about that...
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    You need to choose your own niche (niche that interests you) and you may start building list about it
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    Do you have any particular skills?
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    Research the many ways there are to make money online and focus on one. Selling physical products on eBay and Amazon is a good way to start.

    Affiliate marketing is another low cost way to start. Using a blog or website to promote other peoples products.

    If you have a skill you can sell your services on fiverr or freelance on upwork.

    Best thing is there are tons of successful people on this forum with good advice. Just keep reading til something peaks your interest and stay away from believing in get rich quick.
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    I have a blog, for selling physical products from amazon, but i have a problem in code used by amazon, which i can't open new window from my blog, and when i add target="_blank" the code can't take it. So plz how i can resolve this problem, i want when the visitor click on product open in new window.
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    You are kind of 'spoiled for choice' - you can go the eCommerce way, the Blogging way-select a niche you have some rapport with and write good quality articles, videos. You could offer services to off-line business once you have some decent skills. There are many paths to take, and you will need to research, the Freelance method is a time-tested route, offer services on sites such as Fiverr, or build your own agency. The world is your oyster, you just need to decide.

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