Has anybody set up a Business Directory using a Wordpress plugin

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I'm constantly amazed at the number of small businesses that trust their advertising budget to
free ad papers and mags that go straight from the mat to recycle bin with barely a glance.

Taking small business online would seem to be a no brainer but apart from Yell, do online business directories work?
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    You can find this information in the offline section of the forum. Not sure about a plugin, but you can get paid Business Directory theme's for Word Press. Also you can set one up with out buying a paid theme, takes a little time to set up however.
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  • Not a wordpress plugin but I've setup several using Esyndicat which I found really solid.

    While all businesses I feel can benefit from online advertising, not all need it to survive.

    A company I ran several years back did advertise online but that was only about 30% of our marketing dollars. We did a lot with paid print materials and the phone books and the ROI was fantastic.

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    Hey Ron,

    Yeap, you can build a business directory based on Wordpress in a few hours from A to Z, I've created several. You can pick any niche you want (Lawyers, Landscapers, etc) and build it, or you can be more ambitious and build a more general one with a lot of different niches in it.

    I won't lie to you though, this is old school. Still works, just not as well as it used to as businesses have been spammed to death by call centers on this.
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    Hi all

    Thank you for the above replies. I'm still minded to go for it as I may well have thought of a new twist on this old idea.


    Making it with Online Arbitrage

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    Yes there are many directories plugins for WP. Have a look at the Sabai directory plugin or even at the Listify wordpress theme.
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    Yes, there are WP plugins to set up a business directory. The one I liked the best (to use as a sponsors directory for a registered charity) was the Business Chamber of Commerce WP plugin which can be utilised for all sorts of stuff and even includes payment type aspects.

    Hope this assists.
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