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Alright, I'm sitting here going through my daily routine . . . which includes posting articles to 5 Web 2.0 sites, like Squidoo . . . and I'm wondering why I'm really doing it. Sure, I get a great backlink from it, but most of my lenses never get clicks. It takes an annoying amount of time to post 1 article to these 5 sites, especially when I know they're not getting views. I already do social bookmarking to over 20 other sites. My question is, do you guys think it's really worth it for me to be spending all of this time posting articles to these 5 sites, when I could just get a program like SocialBot and post social bookmarks to over 100 sites? Since no one actually reads my lenses, I don't really see what the difference would be. Perhaps I have this Web 2.0 thing all wrong. I see no point in trying to drive traffic to these lenses or 3rd party blog sites when the real motive is to get them to my site anyways. What do you guys think?
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    Good question Ofthemix. Clearly you are doing something wrong as they are not getting views, this could be down to a number of things:

    • Are you doing on page SEO (as well as off page) on the web 2.0 sites?
    • Are you fully publishing properly on squidoo etc?
    • Try linking other articles from other article sites to your actual squidoo lense, hub page, etc web 2.0 site. I would do one web 2.0 site for one keyword and link to that web 2.0 site from various other article sites. Do a Google search for article sites or article directories. There is plenty.
    • If you are doing these things then it could be that your keywords are TOO competitive. Try getting some traffic for some less popular keywords to start with.
    Hope these ideas provide you with a solution.

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