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Hello there,

I am looking for a way/plugin to add a text box inside of one page of my WordPress website.
The text inside the box would be a note or a warning text. What is the best way/plugin that can help me to do so? I want the background of the text box to be in different color as well.

Thank you so much for any help.
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    Why worry about a plugin? Create a one column, one row table and put it in there, defining the background color. Or, create an image rectangle with the words you want in it - you can do that with programs as simple as Windows Paint.
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    There is a bunch of free shortcode plugins for Wordpress, including Magee Shortcodes and Shortcodes Ultimate. I know that Magee plugin has exactly what you're looking for, not sure about the second one but you can probably find it there as well.
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    Why you need Add-on?

    You can paste in HTML code in that box and get the HTML code from Blogger

    Thank you,

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    I will suggest you (poWr) plugin which provide facility to insert button text boxes and much much more.It is quite easy to use.And it is absolutely free having small in size.You cna also make a row and column and put text inside manually.
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