How to get Testimonials?

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When I see various products for sale on JVzoo and such there are a lot of testimonials associated with it. How do these people get these testimonials? Is there a good way to do this?
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    Often they release the product to a select group of people in a private facebook group first. Or they release the product as a WSO for a limited time, and offer review copies. Once they gather testimonials, they close the WSO, stop promoting it on Facebook, then launch the product as it's own free standing website with JVZoo.

    Another way they do this, is by advertising their product launch on separate JV group sites. These are websites/membership where product creators announce to other members they are going to launch a product. They often have a preview salespage and let other JV group members have early access to gather testimonials. JVs with lists often like to give a testimonial for a product that they plan on promoting to their own list.

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    When I see various products for sale on JVzoo and such there are a lot of testimonials associated with it. How do these people get these testimonials? Is there a good way to do this?
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    Here's how you can get tons of testimonials in no time: -

    1. Offer your product at a discount for everyone who agrees to do you a testimonial.

    2. Give away free B.E.T.A Copies of your product and get your happy customers to do you a testimonial.

    3. Do an event, get people to the event and then film testimonials at their end of it!
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    If you want a review or testimonial, there's only one real way to get them. That's simply to ASK!!

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
    Writer/Editor/Proofreader. Place orders.

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    The thing is, when the next launch comes around you'll likely see the same names and testimonials there too on the basis that they promote for the vendor. That's just how it works and what has become the norm.

    If you can start making sales of other people's products, they'll be much more likely to reciprocate and give you a testimonial and recommendation to their audience.

    If you're just starting out, make a post similar to this one and offer your product in return for an honest review.
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    Start with friends or people you've got to know in the same niche as your product. In future ask customers of your earlier products - especially anyone who's asked a question.

    If you're in niche related groups on social media - put the offer out to interested people.

    Also - put an ad up in the 'workers wanted' section of Warrior, but specify what you want from the testimonial - number of words, written, audio or video.

    One thing though - If you want 5 testimonials you'll have to ask at least 20 people or be prepared to remind your victims, a lot!
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    Like others have mentioned, ask!

    Here's a helpful blog on how to ask:
    6 Questions to Ask for Powerful Testimonials

    If you have trouble with sales, offer your services for a reduced price or even or free in return for an honest review.

    All the best.
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    Send your products for free to your niche authority figures and ask for testimonials.


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    Testimonials show prospects how real people have used your product or service to get real results.

    Testimonials break down your prospect's defenses because they're easy to believe, especially compared to regular marketing copy. After all, they're hearing from a genuine customer, not someone who's paid to promote your business.

    But how can you go about getting good testimonials? How should you ask for them? And what format should you use for your testimonials? This post will answer these questions one by one, and I'll use testimonials I've gathered as examples.
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    The easiest way is to offer your product for free in review for a testimonial

    It really is that simple - 99% of the time they'll say yes. Everyone loves freebies after all.

    I hope this helps.
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    Yeah I agree with a lot of the other comments, offer the product for free to a group of people. Probably friends or close business friends and get em to shoot a quick testiomonial in return!

    Boom :-)
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    Very simple: Produce a KILLER PRODUCT

    Don't do advanced testimonials

    People can spot those a mile away

    Instead, earn testimonials ORGANICALLY
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    give away free samples and ask for the...

    thats all you really need to do!

    best of luck,
    Ike Paz
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    If you don't ask, you don't get. Simply ask your buyers to leave testimonials at the thank you page of your product.
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    There are a LOT OF OPTIONS:

    - Ask a testimonial while providing support of your product.

    - Go to the forums and ask people who used the product if they would like to give a review.

    - Ask the owner of the product, of you are not yourself, if they give you accesso to his testimonials in order to promote the product as an affiliate.

    ONE OF THE BEST way, and it's difficult, is to link in the NAME of the testimonial his Facebook's profile: you have to ask him the permissions, but once you have even a few,
    it's VERY POWERFUL cause your potential customers can see that they are REAL PEOPLE.
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    Call me skeptical but I believe most testimonials online are fake or at least scripted in some way. When I look at a testimonial, I want to see a picture with a legit website attached so I can at least follow up on its legitimacy somewhat.
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    Originally Posted by everyonewins View Post

    How do these people get these testimonials? Is there a good way to do this?

    Most of the people responding in this thread would do well to see what the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) says about their practices.

    Everyone that advertises using testimonials and endorsements needs to read this 12-page PDF.

    Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising

    When all else fails, go to the source for answers to your questions.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Some good advice here. Another way is too ignore the subject completely, few folks believe anything nowdays, perhaps get validated sponsers or recommendations, perhaps from authority sites or respected people.


    "Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache" (Mae West)

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    Most of those people know each other from promoting each others products. And what people also tend to do a lot nowadays is making fbook groups and asking people for a testimonial in return they get a review copy of the product works like a charm.
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    The best thing is getting video testimonials, and you will be able to hire peoples from fiverr in a cheap rate just for $5 you can hire 5-6 country's people to do it.
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