Good hosting for Wallpapers?

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Looking for a good hosting site for a good price just to host wallpapers. Nothing crazy. Obviously the site will intend to make money at some point so hope that helps listing a hosting site.

Also if anyone has tried to monetize a site like this as well, just looking for general advice.

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    You should take a Good SSD hosting which would be faster than normal hostings and helps you to get more better performance. Also this is important to choose a good hosting for faster performance. I would recommend you to choose the BlueHost services or other services. Name Cheap hosting is great...But they will make issues with verification's. If you have documents and able to submit them then go for namecheap's hosting. Thats fast and awesoem!
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    Yes a powerful SSD Web hosting should help you can try out :



    DealDomains.Net | Design your Dreams
    List of Quality Top 5 Web hosting Providers | Just to help you when you need them :)

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    Go with namecheap, you could get hosting there for low cost and have unlimited traffic.
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      Originally Posted by ddeaton View Post

      Go with namecheap, you could get hosting there for low cost and have unlimited traffic.
      I wasn't aware namecheap hosting is promising just considering that domain registrars haven't been really the best hosting companies.

      If your domain with namecheap, I would avoid them, it is usually a bad practice to have both domain and hosting under the same service provider
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    I think you need a CDN, Hosting of any kind is going to be expensive and slow for image hosting sites. Better to go with a CDN.
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    Seems I have a lot of choices... haha
    Signature I'm apart of a non-profit organization! Come check us out!
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    if you are looking to host it on shared host means you don't need to take care of vps or dedicated management, then you can try semi-dedicated host like which is same as shared host but more resources like ram, bandwidth, etc. since users are few on it.
    Best for images site.
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    I offer you NameCheap Hosting.

    They offer excellent support that we have never experienced it anywhere else.

    It's a premium hosting for low price.

    We have tested Hostgator, Hostnine, GoDaddy, etc and NameCheap is the best option. Their site is a little busy and complicated with things compared to some others but the service that you pay for it will make you happy.
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