Do I really need my own webpage as an affilliate?

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Hi, I'm doing email marketing as an affiliate well I'm trying to. Is it really so important to have my own webpage? If yes what should it be about? As an affiliate I want to promoting more than just one product. Should I make webpage to every product? Thanks
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    If your affiliate link have a good converting page then its not important.
    But Best Practice is Own Landing Page >> Affiliate Link
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    Divide your all products in groups and create one website for each group .
    Like you have some products form fashion ,some from adults. some from marketing ,some from b2b etc . Just create groups and make one website for each group.
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    Originally Posted by Juraj Borlok View Post

    Hi, I'm doing email marketing as an affiliate well I'm trying to. Is it really so important to have my own webpage? If yes what should it be about? As an affiliate I want to promoting more than just one product. Should I make webpage to every product? Thanks
    If there's a webpage you NEED to have is the squeeze/landing page where you collect emails.

    As for the other webpages, it's really up to your marketing tactics. There are lots of people who does email marketing without websites other than their landing pages.

    However, having a blog will not only help you get google traffic in the long run but you have some kind of "authority" when you have your own web properties.
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    if you wanna do it that way..

    create different squeeze pages and test which one converts the best.

    get some generic domain and start sending traffic to it..

    -Ike Paz
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    Unless you have your own home base, you'll be stuck with low-percentage tactics like direct linking to sales pages. Even a decent sales page will only convert ~3% of cold visitors, so 97 out 100 clicks you send are going to be a waste you can't recover. Add that many platforms don't allow direct affiliate linking, so your choice of promotion methods is limited right out of the gate.

    If you have your own site, with landing pages aimed at building your email list, you can build list(s) and make your case for your chosen product(s). "The money is in the list" and "the fortune is in the follow up" didn't get to be cliches by not being true.

    The next question that often comes up is "can I use something like a free Blogger page or Facebook page"?

    You can if you are willing to assume the risks and limitations they impose. Make one misstep, trip one automatic red flag, and you could lose your entire site and account in an instant. In addition, many free options won't allow you to use certain tactics because they present a risk of abuse when made available to a large number of users. often runs specials on domain registration for under $1 for the first year, and shared hosting accounts can be had for under $5 per month. You won't have an ideal setup, but it will get you started and you will control your site.Once you make a few sales, plow that back into an autoresponder account so you can schedule a set of emails to go out over time.
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    If your first steps into Intermet Marketing is to try and avoid doing/paying for the basics then you have already failed.

    Sorry but this is not a free trip in either time. money or effort.

    Read what John says above about list building. Then read it again.

    Trying to make money by directly sending traffic to anything is quite difficult. You need to build a list and then market from that list. That way you always build your potential customers base as opposed to simply giving it away.

    The easiest way to make traffic profitable is to re-use it. i.e.give your subscribers more things to buy.
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    You need some kind of way to capture email addresses, from their you can send the subscribers to the pages of your affiliates (make sure they have a converting sales page).

    Create a "squeeze page" and send targeted traffic towards that page.
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    I think yes, and it must %100 yours, it feels terrible when a third party platform suddenly decides to remove blogs with affiliate links and delete your 20+ blogs in one week. I've learned it the hard way.
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    As an affiliate, there are a thousand reasons why you need a web page of your own.

    Whether each product should have its website or page is best decided by you, the marketer and how you intend to promote the site.
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    Do you need to ? Depends what you marketing, I know many don't but I would never accept and affiliate in my programs without a decent website. Most of the popular affiliate program would stand for the same
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    Well, If you are promoting affiliate products then it is important to have your own website for your professional image. Make a nice website and write useful information about product or service you are promoting. Put your affiliate link there.
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    In Internet marketing, just as in life. . .

    You can do things the quick and dirty way and you will make very little money if anything.

    You can do things in a mediocre way and you will be paid a mediocre amount of money.

    You can do things in a thorough and beyond expectations way and the sky's the limit on the amount of money you'll make.

    You make the call.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    If you're doing email marketing, where would you put your landing page if not your own website?

    Sure, there's some web based service for landing page, but if you're using your own domain ... it's technically your website.

    Perhaps I don't understand the question.
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    I assume that you are planning to promote different affiliate product in the same niche. In that case, you just need a website (generic one about particular niche eg Internet Marketing). You can make it as a blog and post articles related to IM for eg, Affiliate Marketing, dropshipping, e-commerce, etc.

    Within your blog/website, you can have a category called Product Reviews, or Recommendations, or any name that deemed suitable. Just create separate post for different products and post it in that category whenever you have product to review/recommend.
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    A little vague here. You need your OWN webpages for things like Squeeze pages/ Landing pages., slaes pages, thank you pages, download pages etc.. But for a website per say. NO !!

    Some people do fine without a full blown Site or Blog. Of course in long term it is one extra effective way to grow your online business

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    I've found it's best to have a landing page, that is designed similarly to the page of the product you're sending the visitor to.

    When I first started out, I tried to do affiliate marketing without landing pages, and it just wasn't successful, at least for me.

    You can purchase a single web hosting package, and point multiple domains to it, just place landing pages in sub-folders for separate products and assign each domain to one.

    Plus, you can collect email address opt-ins from your landing page, before you send the visitors to the affiliate page, which gives you a marketing list.

    It's well worth it, I've made thousands off e-mail lists alone, once you get enough people subscribed.
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    Yeah man, you will have to at some point.

    Starting out you can use something like clickfunnels to build your pages without having to deal with hosting and other things. It works lovely and you can create a bunch of pages easily (yeah I can help you with it)

    So for now, maybe not. If you plan on making it a bigger business - you will need to.
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    You don't NEED one.
    Without one you will severely limit yourself in terms of what you can do and how much money you can make.

    Do youself a favor and don't take shortcuts
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