Is this kind of web site relatively easy to outrank in the search engines?

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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if the kind of web site that is pretty much just a list of prices for airline flights, hotels, and such is relatively easy to outrank in the search engines?

I mean no such sites are easy to outrank but is it doable I guess is what I am asking without a huge amount of time and effort?

I am referring to sites like,,, and These sites primarily list package and travel deals.

They are not heavy on content about particular destinations like the Bahamas, Europe, Las Vegas, and other specific places that people might use the good deals to go and travel to or stay at.

The sites in question do have thousands of incoming links. But those incoming links are primarily internal links as pages link to the other pages at the same domain. They also do have a good number of external incoming links too but I am not sure if a lot of those links are high quality links with anchor text focused on a particular keyphrase that I might want to try and rank for.

Any input on this would be appreciated.


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    These sites are authority in their own niches. Just like Amazon and eBay. It may take more effort and time in outranking them. I am trying to overtake Amazon in one of their keywords. It has been a few months already.
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    One thing to keep in mind, these sites don't need all that much search engine traffic. They have a well-known brand. The internet community knows them and just goes straight to their sites.

    These sites still do paid marketing via the search engines, but their reliance on them as a traffic tool has fallen.

    I think this would be an incredibly difficult area to crack.
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    I honestly would even try to outrank those sites. I wouldn't want to spend a year on SEO to find out then that it isn't going to happen. Then again maybe you know some SEO tricks I don't.
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    Hmmm. No.

    These sites have been around for 10+ years and have 100,000+ backlinks.
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      Thanks for the input you all. That's kinda what I figured. So I am not going to focus on trying to beat such sites at least not head on.

      There are some pages at these sites that have incredibly low inbound links though. I found one such page today that only has 3 inbound links. Another site page from a different site that had over 600 inbound links ranked lower than the 3 inbound links page.

      Which tells me there might be some hope there. Don't know. I guess I will have to try and see if I can do something for my client who is trying to rank higher in the extremely competitive field of discount travel.

      I'll have to find the soft spots in this market. It certainly won't happen overnight.

      Perhaps the best strategy will be for him to forget the search engines and just focus on proactive strategies such as participating in forums and otherwise taking an active role in funneling some traffic to his site.

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