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Hi guys,

I'm trying to find a niche in 40-50 y.o customers. What do you think about the trust these people accord to buying on internet? Do they actually buy from internet?

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    Originally Posted by chadcf View Post

    What do you think about the trust these people accord to buying on internet? Do they actually buy from internet?

    Of course they do. They were 20-30 year olds when the Internet took the world by storm and they are not giving up on it now. They are 'net savvy and experienced so they aren't going to fall for any shady schemes.


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    Look up "Sandwich Generation" anywhere. They are still dealing with their children and their aging parents as well. A lot of them buy from Amazon, Facebook and elsewhere. I'm a little older than your niche but you could ask me for specifics.
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    Steve B hit the nail on the head. The first sale online IIRC was made in 1994. Those folks back then would have been 18-28 years of age. They were in their teens and twenties/early thirties when the internet started to take off with the buying masses.
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    All sorts of people buy from the Internet these days. It's a trillion dollar industry. You got the idea right in the sense and older more established individual will be more likely to make a purchase. Do some brainstorming and maybe right down the niches you feel this audience would be in. Then go out and find hot selling products in your niche and see if their demographics line up with what you expect. Pay attention to what your competition is doing match it and or do it better.
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    Everyone above is right... But even so, who cares?

    It just seems like a backwards way of building a business. You think of a customer need, you develop a way to meet that need. If the customers who need your product or service happen to be 40 - 50, great. If they happen to be 20 - 30, that's fine too. And if they're 70 - 80, that's also OK.

    Sure, it's helpful to know things like the typical age of your customers so you can better market to them. But it just seems strange to limit yourself to a specific demographic before you even know what sort of product or service you'll be providing.
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    I agree that a lot of people buy from the Internet. It's not a problem in our days. Speaking about trust, you can always test starting with minimum.
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    I assume you already have 40-50 y.o customers and just wonder whether they buy things online? Yes they do buy things online. Now think of what things to sell to them. Maybe promote a dating site which target 40 - 50 y.o members.

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    Hello there,

    Customers within that age range surely buy from the Internet. However, they are wise with their purchases and keen as to the credibility and reliability of the product's source. They would highly appreciate it if you provide a CLEAR and EASY TO UNDERSTAND product description. Remember: put emphasis on these points.

    Good luck!
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    Well, in about two months I will be 54.

    I buy nearly everything online.

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      Originally Posted by Brent Stangel View Post

      Well, in about two months I will be 54.

      I buy nearly everything online.

      you still look like 28. lol. - I think 40's - 50's is one of the best markets there is

      that's why copy writing is actually: "To know your market" the rest are technicalities

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    Of course they do. But I've learned that they do a lot of research before deciding to buy something, therefore you will have to invest more resources into marketing your products in order for these guys to become your customers.
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    how dare you!

    i'll be 40 in two years..

    im very active online and tech savy..

    you can find me and my kind on all the regular places, fb, twitter, the WF etc..


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    Thanks guys! It helped me.

    Sale business baby.

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      Originally Posted by chrisc58 View Post

      A lot buy on the internet now with the help of their families in the first instance. From my experience, they tend to be a little slower and look around more at what is on the page. They see and understand more of what is on that particular webpage being displayed to them, whereas most (younger people) just steam ahead to what they want to get to.
      A little slower? Well, EXCUSE ME!!! I'm 52 and I am not slow by any means.

      As for the OP, regardless of age, focus on providing value, not garbage, and you'll do better every time. IF you're stuck on age, the healthy niche is one of the best because people are always looking for extra information and remedies to help them.

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    It's actually one of the best age groups to target. They tend to make more money and do not have the expense of kids in the house anymore. In other words, compared to other age groups, they have a lot more disposable income.

    While there are definitely many in their 50s who are not super internet savvy, most have had to use a computer in their jobs and are pretty competent. Everyone in their 40s grew up with a computer, so there is no barrier there at all.
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    Hi there;

    Well, there are many, many baby boomers out there in their right now. Many of them (me) born just after WW2 and still do a lot on the net. I am one that was born just after (less than a year) after WW2 finished.

    There are lots of us on the net, and buy and sell. You will have a good market to market to. We may or may not have kids still at home. We have grandkids that we purchased for plus our kids.

    So the market is still wide open, to sell to both groups. They have kids, so we buy for our grandkids online, and get the item ship direct to them.

    Mike, commonly known by many nicknames, by many of my friends, and grandkids.

    Well let me see. OH yea need to start work on my ???????? again.
    Been working for slave wages to long.

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    I think you can target that age range. I am in that range and I do a a lot of shopping on the internet. I would rather buy something from home. I hate shopping.
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    I would definitely cater to this crowd because its a digital savvy generation with money. They also support both their children and aging parents, hence product interest is diversified. However, you cannot market just anything to this generation. Generation X is more conscious of high-quality.
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